Monday, 20 June 2011

Protestors and stoppers of Peaceful Assemblies are CRIMINALS

The constitution guarantees PEACEFUL ASSEMBLIES, even in the revised
Anyone who try to protest or stop constitutional rights of citizens
are criminals.
Imagine someone making a protest report against someone who exercises
his voting rights. Even worse, Policemen or other bodies preventing
citizens from exercising their rights to vote. They are just bloody
criminals for stopping these voters.
Similarly for the peaceful assemblers. Anyone who make police reports
trying to deny their rights for peaceful assemblies deserve to be put
into prisons, similarly for policemen and judges who stop these
peaceful assemblies.
Policemen can stop assemblies that are not peaceful as clearly stated
by the constitution. How can you prove that the assemblies are not
peaceful if it has not started??? Similarly for the protesters of
peaceful assemblies. They are the ones who are proven to be breaking
the law and constitution by denying citizens their rights granted by
the constitution.
Some of the police reports, as reported by this article shows clearly
that these people who make police reports are against the constitution
by declaring that PEACEFUL ASSEMBLIES will affect their livelihood.
This include the highest officers in our county who deserve to be
jailed for disrespecting the constitution.
How can anybody be so sure that ANY ASSEMBLIES ARE NOT PEACEFUL even
before it has started!!!!
If you are sure that all assemblies will not be peaceful, it means
constitution and deserve to be punished for disrespecting the
constitution, with the highest punishments. It does not matter if you
are the Prime Minister or Chief Judge. If you are against the
constitution, you must be punished, as DEMANDED BY LAW, AND
Malaysians!!! Please wake up. Don't be ANIMALS. Stop lying or being
hypocrites. Only animals, cannot be trusted with their words. Respect
the constitution and Rukun Negara.
Sunday June 19, 2011
Protest mounts as more reports are lodged against Bersih march
KUALA LUMPUR: Protests against the opposition-initated Bersih 2.0
rally continues to mount with at least four more police reports lodged
against the organisers, and the Deputy Prime Minister condemning it as
a plot to topple the Government.
This follows the stand taken by Bersih 2.0 chairman Datuk Ambiga
Sreenevasan that the coalition would proceed with the planned rally on
July 9 despite warnings by Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk
Seri Khalid Abu Bakar to arrest all illegal protesters.
The Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma), Wira and Wirawati
Perkasa (the youth and women's wing of the Malay rights group) and the
Malaysian Veteran Armed Forces Association lodged separate reports
against the group at the Dang Wangi police station yesterday.
The latest police reports bring the number of reports lodged against
the demonstration so far to 422.
In KOTA KINABALU, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the opposition agenda
was to create a hate campaign against the Government by raising issues
beyond Bersih's call for clean and fair elections.
"They are trying to use street demonstrations to create a hate
momentum against the Government to achieve their road to Putrajaya'
agenda,'' the Deputy Prime Minister said after opening the Beaufort
Umno division meeting yesterday.
Muhyiddin said the group was being used by Pakatan Rakyat parties to
create public anger against the Government so that when elections are
called, the people would reject the ruling Barisan Nasional.
He suspected the opposition would use Bersih to twist issues like the
increased price of goods and corruption as part of its agenda to wrest
Federal power.
On a plan by Umno Youth to have a counter-rally, Muhyiddin advised
movement leader Khairy Jamaluddin to reconsider it and take into
account the consequences of such rallies to the economy, peace and
livelihood of the people.

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