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Proof that Malaysia does not respect democracy

The Malaysian constitution clearly states that there is a right to

You can add additional verses after this, if it does not support the
meaning of the PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY it is not in accordance with this

As Muslims it is particularly very important to respect the
constitution because it is a written promise that must be kept and
respected. Anyone breaking this written promise will be severely
punished but allowing people to break this promise is even worse, you

Prophet Muhammad clearly states: Stop unrighteous deeds with your
hands if possible, with voice if not able, or just protest silently,
but this is the worst of FAITH. So if you support bad deeds, you have
NO FAITH, i.e. out of ISLAM.

So anyone, who threatens to stop people in wanting to assert their
right to PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY guaranteed by a written constitution, are
not MUSLIMS. As non-Muslims, they do not deserve to be called Malays,
because they are animals, and to be a Malay, you must be a Muslim,
i.e. a follower of Prophet Muhammad.

Are we blind to note that opposition parties, who are REAL MALAYS,
because they are true Muslims, unlike the infidel UMNO, have won many
seats in the recent elections, but these are despite all the UNFAIR
and ILLEGAL. In all law abiding nations, it should have meant that
automatically the cheater, i.e. the BN, are disqualified and should
not have been allowed to rule.

At the least, the REAL MALAY opposition parties in PAS, and PKR,
should have won many more seats to allow them to RULE many more states
and the NATION itself. Are you so blind to this fact and reality???

And then, ARE YOU BLIND TO the reality that if THERE WERE NO ELECTION
CHEATING, people will not threaten VIOLENTLY the people who simply
demand that the cheating be stopped!!! Just let them shout to their
hearts' contents. The truth will win eventually.

But NO! People are threatened with DEATHS, just to ASSEMBLE PEACEFULLY
to protest about ELECTION CHEATING!!!
What proof DO YOU WANT ANY MORE?? They are surely cheating, that is
why they are so worried.


Do you want to let murderers GOVERN YOU!!!!

We must stand together to fight against murderers. At least for
Muslims, it is to show that WE STILL HAVE FAITH IN ISLAM, which is not
just for the hereafter but also for the worldly lives. We WANT TO
ENJOY OUR LIVE in this earth, not to suffer the indignity of POVERTY
or lost opportunities to enjoy the RESOURCES THAT GOD HAVE GIVEN TO

Because time after time, it is proven that if you let murderers govern
over you, you will SUFFER FULLY. Just like Malaysia, as clearly shown
by SABAH. Despite having so much resources and peaceful people, it is
the POOREST and MOST VIOLENT, in the whole WORLD.

Whereas Singapore and Japan, the nations with the least resources, are
the RICHEST AND MOST PEACEFUL, in the whole world. Their secrets are
very simple. They do not let MURDERERS to rule them. They enforce
their laws and constitution thoroughly.

Malaysians must stand up againt CRIMINALS. Restore our democracy to
ensure peace and prosperity, now and hereafter.

What more proof do you want???

An anti-Bersih supporter has threatened its chairman with her life if
the rally takes place.

PETALING JAYA: Bersih 2.0 chairperson, Ambiga Sreenevasan, has been
warned that her life is at stake if the "Walk for Democracy" rally
proceeds on July 9.

In a text message sent to Ambiga and the press at 1.57am this morning,
the unknown sender said, "If the rally takes place my people and I
will kill Ambiga and all those around her one by one including the
idiot politicians who are in cahoots with this infidel. This is my
warning. You watch out."

The text was written in Malay and some FMT reporters have also
received it. But it isn't clear whether any members of the public have
also got it.

The sender also questioned if the people were blind in that they
didn't see that Ambiga was being used as a tool to destroy Malay

"The PAS and PKR camps are are both deaf and blind. If the Election
Commission wasn't clean, could they have won Selangor, Kedah, Penang,
Kelantan and Perak?"

The sender also slammed DAP and called it "Cina sial" for standing on
the sidelines while the Malays were at each other's throats.

"At the end of the day, DAP will rule this country and turn all of us
into Christians. Mark my words."

In a text message to FMT, Ambiga said, "Yes many members of the media
have received this. So have I. Am making a police report."

The Home Ministry yesterday said that police permits will not be
issued to Bersih 2.0, Umno Youth and Perkasa to conduct mass
gatherings and marches on July 9.

At least 422 police reports have so far been lodged against the rally
and its organisers condemning it as a plot to overturn the government.

Perkasa and Gerak Aman, a coalition of 57 NGOs, have announced that
they will counter the Bersih rally. Umno Youth, meanwhile, is
organising a march on the same day to hand over a memorandum to the
Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Mad dog barking

Meanwhile a member of the Bersih steering committee, Wong Chin Huat,
who also received the text last night, reiterated Bersih's
determination to carry on with the rally.

"It shows that they are cowards," he told FMT. "They know they cannot
win with reason so they have to resort to this which further proves
that dirty elections are backed by violence."

Wong acknowledged that the text would probably spark anxiety among
ordinary Malaysians but called on them not to back down from making a
stand on July 9.

"What do you do if a mad dog is barking at you?" he asked. "If you run
you get bitten from behind. If you stand your ground, the dog may have
to eventually back off."

"If Malaysians back down because of threats of violence, we will never
be safe because we have given a victory to thugs. Even if you disagree
with Bersih and support dirty elections, you should never support

Wong added that the coalition was taking the threat very seriously but
assured that they were neither paranoid nor fearful.

"None of these things will stop us," he said. "We believe that enough
Malaysians will stand by us."

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