Friday, 24 June 2011

Biometrics will not stop Malaysian Phantom Voters

Using boimetrics proposed by the EC will not solve this Malaysian
Phantom Voters because even now their ICs have already been verified.
If you vote twice, using the same IC number, you will be detected.

The Phantom voters exist because they are issued many ICs to vote at
different places. the ICs issued are those that do not vote at a
particular day. Only the registration department and EC can do this,
or machines available at the registration department and EC, which are
used to create these temporary ICs.

Only indelible ink will solve the problem of phantom voters. It may
not solve the problem of illegal voters but it will allow Malaysians
to know who actually had voted. This is why BN government had feared
the most.

This is common knowledge. If you don't know about it, you are just
pathetic and don't care, and we all deserve the fate that we suffer
now. Substandard roads, acute poverty, insufficient development rate
due to leakages and corruption.

This proposed biometric test is just a screen to fool the pathetic
idiots. Also to earn extra cash for BN supporters.
EC violations of the constitution makes it a criminal organisation
that do not deserve any support from all concerned citizens. Allowing
election corruption in daylight in the form of illegal media coverage
for the incumbent party, the BN, is proof enough that EC is a criminal
organisation. What more proof do you want? Allowing only 7-days for
campaigning is also an example how criminal EC is? the constitution
does not allow unfair election practises and the EC has allowed such
blatant illegal and unconstitutional and corrupt election practises.

Do you trust the EC with the biometric system instead of the simpler,
more effective, more transparent, and already paid for INDELIBLE
EC Plans Using Biometric System In Coming General Election

PUTRAJAYA, June 20 (Bernama) -- The Election Commission (EC) plans to
use the biometric system to enable the verification of voters in the
coming general election to be done electronically, said its chairman
Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof.

He said the EC would cooperate with the Home Ministry in using the
system which was now being used by the ministry to verify foreigners.

"The same principle shall apply, but the system to be used on voters,"
he told reporters at his office, here, today.

He was reacting to one of the eight demands made by Bersih or the
nuisance group which wants to hold an illegal rally to ensure a
transparent and clean election, namely the use of indelible ink on
voters' finger.

The Immigration Department is currently using the biometric system at
all the country's entry/exit points to curb international crime and
the influx of illegal immigrants.

Abdul Aziz said: "By using biometric prior to issuing the ballot
paper, the first step to be taken is to verify the identity card to
prove that it is a genuine document.

"The bearer of the identity card needs to place his or her thumb on
the device, and the information that appears on the screen will be the
same as on his/her IC.

"Once verified, we will check whether the voter's name is in the
electoral roll. If it is there, we will issue the ballot paper.

"Then he will be considered to have voted, and the individual
concerned cannot go to other polling station with the identity card to
again cast his/her vote."

Abdul Aziz said using the biometric system would be the best solution,
instead of the indelible ink like in India and Indonesia.


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