Thursday, 26 August 2010

More proofs that Sabah continue to be neglected

What more do you want proof for?

Only 100 million for the whole Sabah when the total fund is supposed
to be billions???

That means less than 10% as always for SAbah that accounts for 23%
area and 14% population, and most of the poor are in Sabah, making up
more than 30% and yet receiving less than 10%.

Isn't the promise by Federal Leaders that they WILL NOT DEVELOP SABAH,
because it is not economical, so true again? Why are Sabahans so blind
to this????

This is the dilemma of Sabahans that don't bother to count properly,
and elect leaders similarly stupid as they are.

YB upset Sukau has been left out

Published on: Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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Kota Kinabalu: Sukau may continue to be among the poorest State
constituencies in Sabah since it has not received a single rural
development project under the National Key Results Area (NKRA) funds.

Its Assemblyman Saddi Abdul Rahman was disappointed that the Ministry
of Rural and Regional Development did not consider channeling some
development projects to provide basic amenities in Sukau.

"Together with other elected representatives, I had listed more than
94 rural projects worth over RM100 million that are needed in Sukau
particularly basic amenities like roads, supply of water and
electricity, among others.

"I submitted my proposal for funding under NKRA to the Ministry before
the deadline on Sept 10 last year.

"Unfortunately, not even a single rural project under NKRA's billions
of Ringgit in funds has been approved and given to Sukau until now,"
he lamented here, on Tuesday.

He was responding to a statement by Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa
Aman's in Keningau, that the government will probe how government
allocations are spent for development projects in the State.

Musa said it was interesting that allocations for certain areas
sometimes did not match the sum stated during the briefings by heads
of local administrations.

"The government will take necessary action to identify where the
billions went to," Musa said at a briefing by five district officers -
Keningau, Tenom, Nabawan, Tambunan and Ranau- on development
strategies adopted for each district at Perkasa Hotel, in Keningau on

Saddi said it is vital for such investigation to be carried out as the
government, especially elected representatives, are answerable to the

"What Musa has said is timely and such probe should be implemented as
the development funds to carry out projects are for the people to
enjoy basic amenities and facilities that could elevate their living
standard and bring comfort to their lives," he said.

Sukau residents from 42 villages have been waiting for rural
development projects from the government to provide better road
conditions as well as supply of water and electricity which some have
yet to enjoy.

"The villagers are questioning what has happened to the NKRA funds and
why not even one project is approved for Sukau. They are feeling
cynical about why the government has overlooked their interests and

"I am also feeling disappointed that the ministry has not responded to
several follow-up letters that I have submitted. In the letters, I
have asked whether Sukau will be getting any rural projects under NKRA
funds," he said.

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