Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Jewish Israeli soldiers treat all civilians as terrorists

It is confirmed by a Malaysian that the Israeli soldiers shouted at
passengers of the aid ships that these aid workers were terrorists.
The aid ships were stopped in International waters after some of them
were killed by Israeli gun fires from their helicopters. the Israeli
commandos were disarmed and their guns thrown to the sea by the aid
workers and they hit soldiers with sticks in order to prevent them
from boarding the ships.

No wonder they blind fold all their captives. They treat all civilians
as terrorists. But armed soldiers kidnapping aid workers in
internatioinal waters are themselves not terrorists? Killing unarmed
aid workers also not terrorism? With this kind of mentality, it is not
surprising that the Jews were the real terrorists and had been killing
innocent civilians deliverate and premeditatedly. It is no chance that
Corie, a US citizen, were killed by these Jewish Israelis. She was
deliberately murdered by the terrorist government of Israel.

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