Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Israeli soldier feels nothing wrong in blindfolded prisoners

I don't see any reason why Palestinians need to be blind folded unless
it is to conceal their mistreatments of these prisoners. Worst
violations are still uncovered.

World Briefing | Middle East
Israel: Ex-Soldier Speaks on Photos
Published: August 17, 2010

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A former Israeli soldier who posted photographs on Facebook of herself
posing next to blindfolded Palestinian prisoners told Israeli Army
radio on Tuesday that she did not "understand what's wrong" with the
photographs, which were taken while she was on active duty. The former
soldier, Eden Abergil, who is now a reservist, said that the "pictures
were taken in good will, there was no statement in them." An Israeli
military spokesman denounced Ms. Abergil's snapshots as "disgraceful."
Breaking the Silence, an Israeli human rights group, added one of her
images to a new Facebook album of similar photographs taken over the
past decade. The group wrote, "This picture is not the ugly behavior
of one person, but a norm throughout the army." Ghassan Khatib, a
spokesman for the Palestinian Authority, told the BBC that the images
illustrated "the day-to-day life of the Palestinian people under
occupation," and suggested "that occupation also corrupts the

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