Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Malaysian Company sues Apple for Patent Infringement

It shows the imporatance of patenting ideas. Please note that Patents
are only ideas. You don't have to build it but this Malaysian company
actually builds terminals. Unforatunately it is quiet in Malaysian


Malaysian Company Sues Apple Over Geotargeted Adverts

31 August, 2010, by ITProPortal Staff

Apple has been sued by a Malaysian firm called StreetSpace which
claims ownership of a patent related to location based advertising.

The lawsuit involves Apple's iAd mobile advertising service, which
uses GPS data to deliver location based advertisement on users'

StreetSpace has also sued other wireless advertising services
providers including Apple owned Quattro Wireless, Google, AdMob,
Nokia, Navteq, Millenial Media and Jumptap.

The Malaysian firm is responsible for developing a remote Internet
terminal called Web Station where customers walk-up to this station
and access the Internet.

The system uses a technology which helps the company in delivering
targeted advertisements to the customers.

StreetSpace has based its lawsuit on a US patent titled 'Method and
System for Providing Personalized Online Services and Advertisements
in Public Spaces', which was awarded to it in 2005.

The issue might prove a major hindrance for Apple's iAd service,
which, according to StreetSpace, uses its patented technology to
deliver targeted advertisements based on user's location, profile and
usage history.

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