Tuesday, 1 June 2010

US support for Israel is the REASON for 9/11

There is no other rationale explanation for the 9/11 attack on USA but
for US support for Isreali atrocities.

Blaming it on Alqaedah is just nonsense.
Blaming tha Alqaedah is against US freedom or general freedom is just
nonsense and these people must be mad.

The people who kill themselves in 9/11 are not Alqaedah. Alqaedah
simply connect these people together in order to punish US for
supporting Israeli atrocities.

Even if you destroy Alqaedah, more men will come forward to punish US
for all these atrocities and this led to other US greedy policies of
depriving Muslims true freedom in their own country and freedom to
practise their religion as they see fit.

Any sane person should know that this is not completely true because
US is not the only greedy nation, but US is the most prominent one.
Many muslims even consider US as the permanent ally for Israel, the
reason for its existence. This is again not true because US came late
in supporting Jewish Israel. After all, US used to be a strongly
neutral nation who don't even bother to support Britain against

Many US citizens are also anti-semitic so how could this situation
come about where US is to be blamed for all the evils committed
against Muslims in Israel. How could US JEOPARDISE its well being in
support of a population of only a few million Jews in Israel?

I don't even see any economic and military advantage for having Israel
as an Ally of the USA.

There are so many idiots in USA and other Muslim world. I am afraid
that many will go insane and take the law in their own hands, which
will make 9/11 a child's play.

I pity and salute all the US and Israeli citizens that had lost their
lives in protecting the interests of the Palestinian people,
especially Corrie and now many more who had died bringing in supplies
to Gaza.

Let us stop all this madness by reading and watching documentaries
more. Unfortunately, even intelligent people can become crazy with
hate. These are the most dangerous people,and I'm not saying on the
side of the Muslims alone, but also in US and Israel.


Protester slashes himself, swallows razor
Man Cutting himself

FERVOUR: The man cutting himself to show his anger

KUALA LUMPUR: A Middle Eastern man who was caught up in the frenzy of
today's protest rally near the US Embassy, went amok by threatening to
harm himself with a razor blade.

The burly man, who appeared to be in his late 20s, had been with the
rally since it started about 10am.

He was one of the many from the Middle East, mostly students from
International Islamic University Malaysia, who had join the rally to
vent their anger over the US for victimising Palestinians in Gaza.

"I'll shed my blood to spare the innocent lives of my people. But I'll
prove now that whatever amount of blood won't change anything," the
man screamed after the protest rally had died down later this morning.

He proceeded to slash his arms, chest and tights as well as the
policemen who were trying to restrain him.

Sustaining minor cuts and bruises, the policemen had to overpower and
arrest the man for his dangerous behaviour.

In a final shocking act, the demonstrator had managed to swallow the
razor. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the group of students said: "We are
not terrorist. We are not related to al-Qaeda. We are Muslims who are
fighting for peace.

Allah is watching this inhumane behaviour by the Americans and the

"Aggression and war is not the answer. Hurting and killing innocent
lives doesn't solve anything," said the student, who declined to be

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