Saturday, 29 May 2010

OBAMA and Israel hypocritical about Nuclear vs Iran

Iran not mentioned at all by UN???
What a crazy and lying statement. Iran is now under embargo despite
all its nuclear faciliites being inspected.
Similar to Iraq and yet, UN is still not satisfied that Iraq didn't
develop any nuclear weapon. Even to the point of invading and killing
millions of Iraqi, and yet not a single nuclear weapon in sight.

Similarly for Iran.

And yet, NOT A SINGLE INSPECTION on Israel, despite all the CLEAR
evidences from witnesses, that Israel already have NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

Now Israel wants Indian and Pakistan to be inspected. Didn't Indian
and Pakistan all declare that they have nuclear weapons. Similarly for
North Korea.

Israel never declare that it has any nuclear weapon, the same as Iran.
And yet Iran is heavily inspected, and yet NEVER satisfied, that Iran
is nuclear free or has no intention of developing any nuclear weapon
at all.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong for Iran to have its own nuclear
weapon. It is the fundamental right of any free nation to develop any
weapon for its defence. If Iran were to relent, like Iraq, and let its
sites to be thoroughly inspected, it will be bombed to kingdom come,
just like Iraq. These inspections are just excuses for precision
bombing of Iranian infrastructures, just like Iraq.,7340,L-3895655,00.html

Israel: NPT deal hypocritical

Jerusalem sources wonder why Israel only state mentioned in Non-
Proliferation Treaty conference, which called for inspection of its
nuclear facilities. Iran pleased with decision, says US must toe line
in backing it

Published: 05.29.10, 12:33 / Israel News

Sources in Jerusalem on Saturday criticized as "hypocritical" the
Nuclear Non-Proliferation conference that ended with a declaration
placing Israel under obligation to have its nuclear facilities
inspected by the UN's watchdog.

Obama rejects 'singling out' of Israel in NPT deal / Yitzhak Benhorin
and AFP
US president says agreement reached at Non-Proliferation Treaty
conference 'includes balanced, practical steps to advance nuclear
disarmament', but opposes 'efforts to single out Israel' by naming it
while ignoring Iran
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"The conference mentioned only Israel and not other countries that
hold nuclear weapons, such as India, Pakistan, and North Korea. Much
worse is its silence on Iran, which is trying to obtain such weapons,"
one official said.

He added that the fact that Iran was not mentioned was suspicious,
especially in light of recent findings by the International Atomic
Energy Agency regarding the Islamic Republic's progress towards
acquiring nuclear power.

Meanwhile Iran's representative to the IAEA on Saturday hailed the
declaration, and said the US must go along with it.

The accord, reached on Friday at the 2010 Non-Proliferation Treaty
(NPT) review conference and agreed by the NPT's 189 members, commits
to holding a regional gathering in 2012 to create a Middle East free
of nuclear weapons.

It also calls on Israel to sign the treaty, mentioning "the importance
of Israel's accession to the treaty and the placement of all its
nuclear facilities under comprehensive IAEA (International Atomic
Energy Agency) safeguards."

Iran's IAEA representative Ali Asghar Soltanieh, who attended the
conference at the United Nations, welcomed the move. Soltanieh told
IRNA that the United States, despite opposing the NPT text on Israel,
will have to fall in line with other countries.

"The US reservation is symbolic and it is obliged to go along with the
world's request, which is that Israel must join the NPT and open its
installations to IAEA inspectors," he said.

Earlier US President Barack Obama welcomed the accord but "strongly"
opposed singling Israel out over talks on a nuclear weapons-free
Middle East while making no mention of Iran.

"The greatest threat to proliferation in the Middle East, and to the
NPT, is Iran's failure to live up to its NPT obligations," Obama said.

But Soltanieh dismissed the US stance. "Of course this was to be
expected, since (US Secretary of State) Hillary Clinton made such
during the inaugural session (of the NPT meeting) and several times
later," he said.

"The Americans are isolating themselves since Iran's nuclear file is
an (IAEA) agency issue. This conference was about the NPT and its

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