Thursday, 13 May 2010

Saiful sodomised many times and met Top Policemen, and yet

Surely policemen know that it is important to report an incident
immediately, even Najib knows this.
Why did he take 2 days to report?

If the police still finds evidence of DNA after 2 days inside a living
Saiful, despite him not washing himself for 2 days, not passing motion
for 2 days, any foreign material can still be absorbed by the body
after that many days.

How did the police manage to get the DNA trace of Anwar inside
Saiful's anus?

This is a damning evidence and this shows that the Judge is already
convinced that Anwar is guilty despite all the inconsistencies and
illogical statements made by Saiful.

The so called DNA expert from the police side must be grilled first as
to how he managed to get a trace of Anwar's DNA. It depends on how he
gets his sample. In the anus, especially someone who has not passed
motion for 2 days, will be full of faeces. On the skin, a living
person will emit a lot of sweat that will clean off any trace of semen
after 2 days.

The defence has got to experiment with Saiful himself if Saiful really
can with hold passing motion for 2 days, and any trace of semen can
still remain on his body after 2 days. This is the best way to counter
the evidence from the Police. If experts cannot find traces of
evidence of semen after 2 days, after having an active day praying on
Friday and seeking advice from so many top people, the police is
certain to have tampered with evidence, which is really a very serious

Based on Saiful's statement, I thought he was sodomised for the first
time on June 26, and yet now he claimed to be sodomised many times
before, which was the reason why he met Najib on June 24th.

Asked why he met with a top police officer at that time, Saiful
replied: "I wanted to tell him my problem. I had been sodomised by
Anwar several times in and out of the country, including Hong Kong,
Singapore and Bangkok."

The trial opened briefly in February with explicit evidence from
Saiful, a former aide in Anwar's office, who said his boss
propositioned him for sex when he met him at a Kuala Lumpur apartment
on June 26, 2008.

Prosecutors have said that two days after the alleged incident Saiful
underwent a medical examination and that DNA tests on samples taken
from his body showed traces of Anwar's semen.

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