Friday, 11 June 2010

Western Power is the AntiChrist

I have been watching the Nostradamus series in Discovery HD in

Caesar Nostradamus's drawings depict the Pope as the Antichrist. This
is inline with a sect of Christians that do not believe in the
Catholic's Trinity concept.

Isaac Newton do not believe in Trinity but has to hide this fact when
making predictions about the end of the world.

Other series on Nostradamus appear to make Middle Eastern nations as
the antichrist but it was not as clearcut as the drawings brought by
Caesar Nostradamus, Nostradamus's son.

The Pope is indeed not powerful so the only conclusion is the Western
power led by USA.
USA deemed itself as secular but their followers mostly follow the
Christian dogma that depicts Jesus as a god in the Trinity concept. 3
gods in 1, but none of them follow Jesus's practises.

Jesus was a Jew and practise like a Jew. He was circumcised, modern
christians are not circumcised but many do.
Jesus did not eat pork, but most Christianity allows pork, although
very few do not eat pork.

Jesus also fast the whole day, just like Muslims, but Christians

In fact, it is the Muslims that are closest to Jesus's practises, not

And Muslims are waiting for Jesus to lead them against the Antichrist,
although they have an interim leader, the Mahdi before the coming of
Jesus, but the Mahdi will not slay the Antichrist, only Jesus.

All these Nostradamus based predictions, agree that the catalyst is
the Al Aqsa Mosque, the site of the Dome of the Rock.

But then, the Argameddon is not the end of the world. There will be
peace after that. Newton predicted that it will be 2060. By that time
I'm already dead.

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