Friday, 11 September 2009

Tamilflu resistance resistance rise to 22

The culprit is Australia despite its so called sparring use of
Tamilflu or more likely to be due to the use of Tamilflu after 2 days
after the onset of symptoms.

Fortunately Australia has Relenza, despite its compulsary use also not
less 2 days after the onset of symptoms, but it still has the largest
number of Tamilflu resistance.

The most liberal user of Tamilflu, Japan, does not have much problem.

Malaysia is following Australia with its ministry recommendation
prescription only after 3 days, contrary to instruction by
manufacturer of Tamilflu, but this time without Relenza as a backup,
in case of any occurrence of Tamilflu resistance.

Soon our millions of stocks of Tamilflu will be useless. Better use
them now, before all flu become resistant to Tamilflu as a result of
misuse of Tamilflu, especially using Tamilflu after more than 2 days
after the onset of flu symptoms.

It cecomes more vital that Swine flu vaccination be started to at
least slow down the infection of Swine Flu.
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Swine flu death toll over 3,200; cases of Tamiflu resistance rise to
September 11, 2009 11:03 a.m.
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TORONTO - The World Health Organization says swine flu has claimed at
least 3,205 lives around the globe.

The Geneva-based agency also says in its weekly report that 21 cases
of resistance to the drug Tamiflu have been found.

An expert with the WHO says that figure is actually now 22, because
Australia reported a case of drug-resistant swine flu on Friday.

Charles Penn says most of the people who were found to have Tamiflu-
resistant viruses had been taking the drug, either to prevent
infection or to treat it.

But two cases have been found where people who haven't taken Tamiflu
were infected with viruses already resistant to it.

The WHO says the pandemic virus remains the main flu virus found
around the world, and the circulating viruses continue to look very
similar, genetically, to the strain used to make swine flu vaccine.

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