Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Zero energy travel is our god given right

We do not need exotic physics to travel from one place to another with
zero energy. Newton's and Faraday's laws guarantee us this right. My
colleagues disagree with me. It is even strange that we can move
objects with zero energy but we still need energy to communicate or to
think(intelligence). This may appear as a paradox but it could be due
to the fact that I still do not know ways to communicate and think
with zero energy unlike travelling.
The technology to achieve this is already available. Superconducting
generators will achieve 99.5% conversion efficiency. Vacuum tube
trains are being developed. Capital costs may be high but after that,
the running cost will be very low, unlike Air Travel. I still have not
found ways to travel in the air with zero energy cost. This fact will
become significant as energy resources become more expensive. It is
ironic that Air Travel has become dominant because it uses the least
amount of energy due to the low air frictiion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vactrain
is a good survey site for more information about researches into
vacuum tube trains but all of them miss the zero energy aspect of
their designs. Even Science fiction has failed to point this fact. I
have not read all the Science fiction books to confirm this but I
shall start reading them. One thing is certain, I have watched Star
Trek the movie. I could be wrong so any comments are most welcomed.
I am actually preparing a manuscript to be printed at various
publications. The technical level of this zero energy travel is so low
that it is not really worthwhile to print it in academic journals.
That is why I intend to submit them to magazines such as IEEE
Spectrum. the firs priority is to our local engineering publications
but they seem to be so slow. I shall be presenting a poster in our
innovation exhibition at Universiti Malaysia Sabah in June, 2011 if
they approve of my research proposal, which is where this crazy idea
of zero energy travel took off.
I only use energy conservation laws to prove the concept of zero
energy for travelling. If someone suggests that I use other more
thorough approaches to prove it, I shall decline. I am not interested.
I am an engineer, not a Theoretical Scientist. I feel disappointed
that the aspect of zero energy travel is not explained in engineering
and physics text books, especially electrical engineering text books.
If for whatever reason, I fail to publish this zero energy travel
explanation soon, I shall self publish it in my blogs. I am too
impatient to wait and not so concerned about my career prospects. The
world needs to know and ponder. We have to recycle our energy just as
we have to recycle our water.

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