Friday, 20 May 2011

Sugar is very important for survival

I had just experienced a dehydration bout that I used to suffer on the
first day of my fasting month, except that it was not a fasting month.
I only skipped sugary drinks. I though plenty of water, fruits can
make up for the loss of sugar. I skipped my breakfast of Vico drink,
coffee morning break, coffee afternoon break, replacing them with just
plain water and chicken broth soup during lunch. My lunch was
vegetarian. Yesterday was the first time that I skipped my sugary
drinks but the aim was not to skip sugar but to avoid milk or any
cholesterol inducing food and anything that is rich in protein. I am
trying to control my fat and protein intake because my blood has a
high concentration of uric acid and cholesterol.  I also took anti-
gastric pill in the morning and hacks sweets to control my sore
The whole day, I was not feeling well. I thought it was due to my sore
throat. Just before dinner, I drank water, took 3000 mg of acid-free
vitamin C and 3 slices of pineapple. After crunching 2 pieces of Hacks
sweets, I felt more head ache, as though I was fasting, and wanted to
vomit. I tried to eat rice with boiled fish with vegetable but by that
time I vomit the vegetables. I started taking 10 tablets of 5mg
Vitamin b6 which is good for curing the feeling of nausea but it
failed to quickly cure me. I tried one packet of dehydration salt. My
nausea slowly disappears. I also took another 400mg anti-gastric pill.
I went to sleep without finishing my dinner.
This morning, I woke up feeling normal. No sense of hunger despite
skipping my dinner. So I start taking Vico without the milk. For
morning break, I took Teh O, tea without milk, only sugar. Yesterday,
it cannot be the 3000 mg acid-free Vitamin C or lots of Hacks sweets
because I had done this before without any side effects. the only
change was the skipping of sugary drinks during breaks.
My habit during the fasting month is also similar to yesterday's
experience. I don't take sweets during Sahur, the early morning,
before the fasting day. Of course, in my younger days, I don't
experience any problem at all. Problems started after my ages exceed
the mid 40s.
I used to think that tea breaks are just a waste of time. I only did
it because I was used to it since I was young. My mother prepared
sweet drinks for us in the morning and afternoon. It is not the coffee
or tea or whatever beverages that we choose. It is the sugar. My
colleague told me that he keeps sugar and salt in his office and will
take it when he felt uncomfortable. I should start implementing this
practise. So tea  or coffee breaks are vital for human beings, despite
some efforts to remove breaks during work. It is inhuman to prevent
humans from taking their required nourishment while working.

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