Monday, 30 May 2011

Magic cures are available for Sore throat, Cancer and Cholesterol

Overdose of Vitamin C is good to prevent Sore throat and curing
Sore throat is well proven by myself and others. At least it stopped
the monthly sore throat fever and regretted my son's tonsil removal.
Just before the onset of sore throat I usually take 2000mg non-acidic
Vitamin C. It stopped most of my sore throat. On the onset of fever,
can take 4000mg but once it failed. I had to take antibiotics.
Surprising to me also, is that Vitamin C also made my bleeding cut to
cure faster and with less pain. I tried 4000mg at that time.
I have just met a colleague who told me about his experience with his
sore throat. In his case, he also takes vitamin C only when necessary.
One other colleague takes 2000mg per day everyday for the past few
years. He didn't feel any side effect. This colleague also told of a
documentary TV shown in Beining about a person who uses Vitamin C to
cure cancer. Since I have a suspected tumour in my brain, I shall try
4000mg per day.
One famous bomoh, Ustaz Ku Othman, based on his expereince, he cured
himeself with a strict regime of diet consisting of limau kapas in the
morning and afternoon, as well as eating only boiled vegetables. When
he started the regime he was already blind because the tumour has
grown big. According to him, his tumour and mine is most probably due
to cholesterol. But according to my internet reading, cancer is less
frequent in people who eat less protein.
My teenage son is also on a 3000mg everyday Vitamin C diet to cure his
acute acne. My eldest suffered 3 months of antibiotic but once the
antibiotic stop, the acne returns. The other uses external antibiotic
but this also does not last long. Had to be augmented with external
poison. Vitamin C should be safer and is also almost as effective.
That colleague also told me about his mother who was cured for the
past 10 years of high blood pressure by taking Lecithin. This should
be cheap because it is derived from soya bean waste. It also contains
Omega3 which has to effect of increasing memory retention. We need a
lot of it, more than 10 capsules per day so it is better to take the
powdered form as recommended by one internet source.
Lecithin reduces bad cholesterol by increasing the effectiveness of
good cholesterol in removing fat deposits, but in the stomach, there
are carcinogens being produced as by-products of bacteria action. So
it is advisable to take Vitamin C as well.
So here you are, 2 magic supplements to prevent you from getting a
disease. Overdose of Vitamin C and lecithin.

The key is about 2000mg of Vitamin C per day. That colleague also told
me that while eating the same food, he didn't suffer from food
poisoning while his other colleagues suffer badly from food poisoning.
He is not selling any supplement to me and he is not gaining anything
by telling me this. Actually it was told to him by our famous private
doctor in Sandakan. That doctor himself takes Vitamin C also. Of
course, if more people take Vitamin C, he may lose his business.
Lecithin is something new to me. I have not started taking it.

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