Sunday, 5 April 2009

North Korea has lauched a Satellite: How about us?

In fact the most ideal place to launch satellites is from Kalimantan
because it is at the equator.

Alas, I don't think it will ever happen but I would like Indonesia to
consider because they are not entirely a waste of money. Gaining
knowledge is never a waste of money even when it is just for fun. It
is those who love fun that are the most developed.

Malaysia has launched an astronaut but he is more of a space tourist
with little knowledge gained by Malaysians. Malaysians have proposed a
rocket launch site at Tawau but I don't think it is economical because
it is far from the equator. Even Ariane had to be towed expensively by
a ship to the equator for it to be launched.

The economic justifications for Satellite Launching expertise are:

i) for military purposed. Any military expenditure is a waste of money
after all but for Malaysia and Indonesia, internal security is far
more important than external security, i.e. suppressing its own people
are far more important than a defense against foreign invaders. It is
all too common in Muslim world.

ii) Space tourism. It is cheaper to engage in space tourism than
commercial satellite launch.

iii) Satellite launching.

For more details of why these are important, maybe you should read the
article in UK which shows that their men prefer video games to women.
It is certainly a contrast in Muslim nations where relation ship is
far more important than having fun with technology.

Farming and wheeling and dealing appear to be Malaysian and Indonesian
occupation because they will allow them to earn money but that money
is spent on having more women and parties instead of playing video

Who will be more advanced? Malaysia or UK?

Playing video games may be a useless pastime but they are useful for
survival in this world. I spend more time playing video and other
games than having relationships and parties and yet I can earn much
more than farmers, fishermen, and petty businessmen. The reason is
that, in order to play these video games, you need to be well educated
i.e. you must be able to read and be up to date with the latest

So better spend the money on technologies than on women. It applies
also to fishing. Buy fish finders and GPS in order to enjoy our
hobbies even more. Better still, get the Radio Amateur license in
order to enhance our technological expertise.

Don't spend the excess money on food or women because they are not
healthy. In fact, you can help the poor even more by giving them toys
and technologies than just food and shelter. One example was Anwar
giving the Acheh tsunami victims water makers instead of UMNO giving
of mineral water.

On major reasons why technological projects are not popular among
Malaysian politicians is that they can't get involved so cannot get
commissions. After all, these politicians were those who emphasise
face-to-face relationship compared to technological savviness but let
the voters show them the way.

Now, let us invest in rocket launchers and aviation technologies. It
will allow me to enjoy space tourism cheaply. It should be cheaper to
travel around the world from space than on the ground.

Many British men 'prefer gaming to sex'

Thursday, April 2 2009, 18:53 BST

By Andrew Laughlin
Many British men 'prefer gaming to sex'

Many British males would prefer to play video games rather than have a
passionate encounter with their partners, a new survey reveals.

According to a poll of 1,130 British men by comparison website PS3
Price Compare, 32% of respondents in a relationship would rather play
games than have sex with their partner.

This increased to 72% when the men were tempted with a "new game

Reasons given for this included partners being "hard to please" and
also that a night of passion is "not as much fun" as gaming.

Mike Elsmore, developer of the website, said: "I, like many other men,
am an avid gamer, but even I find these results startling."

He added: "I'm not sure my partner would appreciate me ignoring her
for any old game. Now Resident Evil 5, that's a different matter!"

The survey also asked what the men would spend £50 on if it was given
to them - 41% were ready to invest in a new video game, while 19% said
clothes and only 3% would pay off household bills.

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