Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Swine Flu is not SARS

Read the above article.

The journalist appears to think that thi swine flu is similar to SARS.
It is far different.

SARS is transmitted by contact not through the air unless fluids touch
your exposed bodies such as eyes and lips.

swine flu is not spread by contact alone because its virus can spread
through the air. It is much more contagious compared to SARS but does
not appear to be as deadly but even at 1% fatality it is still too

Fatalisties in UK appear to be small because patients were treated
with Tamilflu and Relenza immediately but these antiviral drugs are
not cheap and not free from acquired immunity by the flu virus.

Normal flu is also dangerous because it has a fatality of 0.1%. This
rate is due to the very young and old. in the case of swine flu in
Mexico, those who died were non-Tamilflu and Relenza treated young
adults, but these drugs will not stop its spread. It took between 2-7
days before severe symptoms appear but patients are already infectious
even at the earliest symptoms.

Even if the infectious rate is only 0.5%, it will still kill 100,000
per year in US alone. Even this normal flu is spread by pigs.

Isn't it time for us to stop eating pork once and for all. Listen to
the words of wisdom of Jesus and all the Jewish Prophets and Prophet
Muhamamd in abstaining from pork.

It is just too much to risk for such little pleasure.

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