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Prophet Muhammad vs Arabs

Rather the descendents and reverer of the descendents of Prophet
Muhammad, the shiites versus the Sunni majority Arabs.

Omar al-Bashir and 2 others may be called Arabs but they were blacks
and they don't refer themselves as the Descendents of Prophet
Muhammad, unlike one Darful Rebel who uses the Sharif title.

The Sharif title means that the holder claims to have paternal(male
descendent) linkage to Hassan, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad.

The article below has a very deep analysis of the situations in the
Middle East but it misses a few points.

The current Arab regimes are mostly undemocratic and they exist
because they are well supported by the West or Russia, not because
they abide by truely Islamic teachings. Iran, may be Shiite, those who
revere Hussin the other twin grandson of Prophet Muhammad, but it is
the only democratic Muslim state in the region that is not controlled
by the West or Russia.

It is indeed ironic that Syria, well supported by Iran, should be
voicing support for Omar Bashir but it is not really. Syrian is not
well supported by Iran, only Hezbullah in the Lebanon because they are
Shiite. Syria is supported by Russia.

Supporting Omar is not to support the struggles of Muslims especially
Palestinians, it is more to preserve their un Islamic way of governing
that are modelled after Russia.

Although their calls for the ICC to be applied to Israel and USA is
valid it is just an excuse, but if Obama were to be sincere in wanting
peace, USA must ratify the ICC and force Israel to comply with ICC
requirements and punish all those responsible for war crimes any where
on earth.

The excuse that only by committing war crimes will USA and Israel
maintain peace in Palestine is just utter nonsense. It should be the
other way round.

It is not that ICC should not convict Omar Bashir or any other war
criminal all over the world, it is just that USA should lead by
example and prove it with deeds instead of just false promises. I'm
indeed surprised that USA is not an ICC signatory.

Similarly for Malaysia. In fact, Sabah, a state in Malaysia, rich in
Petroleum resources just like Darfur but also among the poorest in the
world despite these resources, will also suffer similar fate if Sabah
were to demand independence violently. Malaysia is similar to Sudan in
many ways: poor judiciary, high GINI, poor press freedom, draconian
laws, police and army forces. Even the Jenjawed can be created easily
in Sabah and Sarawak because of the diverse ethnic groups.

In Sabah also, there are many Sharifs because they are descendents of
the Sultan of Sulu and Brunei. Sultan of Sulu, that is virtually in
rebellion within the Philippines, is also claiming Sabah and have
supported an independence movement for Sabah.

So for the sake of World Peace, USA and Malaysia must ratify the ICC
treaty. Malaysia is doubtful when its future PM, Najib is implicated
in the murder of a Mongol citizen. What complicates matter is that
China has claims over Sabah via the descendents of Sulu Sultan(the
Sharifs) that had settled in China itself.

The prophesy that Imam Mahdi, the man who helps Jesus/Isa slay the
Dajal/Anti-Christ, will be a descendent of Prophet Muhammad from the
East is taking shape.

Maybe the world is not really interested in peace when USA as the most
advanced and richest nation on earth can claim that the only way it
can protect itself and its interests is by allowing their soldiers
commit war crimes.

It is up to UK, as the former Commonweath Absolute Leader, to lead the
world to world peace because UK has signed the ICC treaty. Hopefully
it can convince all Commonwealth nations to ratify the ICC treaty for
world peace.

We must tell the world leaders that crime does not pay.
If Argentina can do it, we should help other nations to do it as well.
Arab League urged to back Bashir
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (left) and Sudan's President Omar al-
Beshir during the opening session of the Arab League summit in Qatar
The ICC arrest warrant has been flouted by Sudan's leader

Arab leaders have been urged to reject an international arrest warrant
against President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan for war crimes in Darfur.

Arrest first "those who have committed massacres and atrocities in
Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon", Syria's President Bashar al-Assad said.

He was speaking at the Arab League's annual summit of heads of state
in Qatar which Mr Bashir is attending.

The summit is also expected to discuss Iran's influence in the Middle

A number of countries are concerned about Iran's influence in the
region, particularly its support for Hezbollah in Lebanon and for
Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Splits among the Arab League nations have become glaring, says the
BBC's Katya Adler who is in Doha, over Arab nations' differing
attitudes to internal Palestinian divisions between the Fatah movement
of Palestinian Authority President Mahmous Abbas and the Islamist
militant group Hamas.

17 out of 22 heads of state attending
President Hosni Mubarack of Egypt is absent
President Omar al-Bashir is flouting an ICC arrest warrant to attend
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is attending
Iran is not a member of the organisation

Regional rifts stymie Arab summit

Our correspondent says Western-backed Sunni nations fear the spread of
Iranian influence - in Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq and amongst marginalised
Shia communities in the Gulf States - and are suspicious of those they
regard as Iran's Arab friends, such as Syria and Qatar.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who is attending the two-
day summit, criticised Sudan's decision to expel aid agencies in
Darfur taken after the International Criminal Court arrest warrant was

"Relief efforts should not become politicised," he said.

Qatar has not signed the ICC charter, which obliges a member state to
arrest those indicted by the court when they enter its territory.

Many African states, along with Sudan's key ally China, have called
for the ICC proceedings to be suspended, arguing it will hamper
efforts to bring peace to Darfur.

'Usurped rights'

In other opening remarks, President Assad said the Arab Middle East
peace initiative launched in 2002 was ineffective because the Arabs
did not have a real peace partner in Israel.

"Peace for the Israelis is no more than a tactical option being used
as a cover-up for their long-term objectives based on the principle of
not returning our usurped rights," the Syrian president said.

One notable absentee is President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt;
correspondents say he is unhappy with Qatar's stance during the recent
Gaza conflict.

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