Monday, 2 February 2009

Malaysia should build decoy war planes

Especially in this trying times, Malaysia should give some jobs to our
less skilled workers and designers in building decoy Mig29, Su30,
FA-18 aircraft to make it appear as though Malaysia has many times the
actual number that it has.

Lots of people will laugh but it is a very effective way of Military

There are so many excuses that Malaysia is not skilled enough to build
Supersonic Jet fighters, which is actually not true. But now, what
excuse is there to build a legitimate Military equipment. Don't tell
me that we have to import these model planes as well.

Malaysia should have a few of them at all our airports. It will be a
good tourist attraction as well. It will fool enemies into thinking
that Aircraft is actually deployed, or maybe pretend no aircraft is
deployed. Whenever the real aircraft arrives, the dummy ones will be
disassembled or hidden.

Although the skill level may be low, it requires lots of expertise in
order to make it fully effective. Cost and skill will be minimised

The german dummy planes should give a good guide. They are made of
wood but these may not last a long time and difficult to disassemble
and not weather proof.

For the other poor nations, like Indonesia and Philippines, this is
also a good strategy.

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