Monday, 19 January 2009

UMNO is still arrogant!!!

UMNO is proud of the development that it is supposed to bring to
Trengganu that also suffers as Sabah, the poorest in the world.

What development can Sabah get when it is only allocated 7.9% budget
for a population of 14%? This is despite Sabah being the largest oil

Similarly for Trengganu. Despite having so much resources with so
little population, it still cannot solve the poverty problem in

Spending hundreds of millions for a Yacht Race does not benefit the
poor when they are still poorly paid, resulting in huge gaps in

The only solution is social welfare and minimum pay as practised by
all developed nations. As to lack of money, Trengganu has all the
money in the world and yet UMNO chose to spend it on Empty buildings.

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