Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Stupid MAS Electronic Ticketing

Net price: MYR 90.00
Total Taxes and Surcharges: MYR 70.00
Total Flight Price: MYR 160.00
Total paid: MYR 160.00
For security reasons, the following are required upon check-in or
ticket reissuance:
1. Photocopy or actual credit card used for the online purchase(s).
2. Photocopy or original photo ID of the credit card holder.

The above was extracted from the MAS Electronic Ticketing

I notice that there is a Ticketing number instead of just booking
references just after my credit card payment was confirmed and the
details are more complete, inclusive of aircraft type, unlike Air Asia
which forces me to use KLIA e-timetable.

That ticket was for my daughter but I issued the credit card because I
have a Platinum Card. She used to have a Platinum card under Direct
Access but when I appliced CIMB Petronas, I had to downgrade my
supplementary cards to just Golden because my income is not sufficent
to support both cards from the same bank. No problem though with other
Banks. That is another problem with CIMB stupidity.Direct Access was
much better before it was taken over by CIMB.

The problem now is that my daughter is not in Kota Kinabalu. In order
to comply with the requirement of this ticketing, I had to send her a
photocopy of my Credit Card and IC. A very troublesome and
unnecessary. It is compunded by the lack of any identification on the
ticket holder, unlike Air Asia that uses IC or Passport or whatever
identification number that the passenger wants to use.

I admit that MAS has suffered from Credit Card fraud but I was told
that these credit cards are chosen from outside Malaysia and those
with a very large credit limit on the assumption that these card
holders are so rich that they won't check their purchases thoroughly.
These are statements made by hackers in Kota Kinabalu. They are not
even IT experts. Even just SPM holders but those purchasing these
fraud tickets are YBs. These were the days of the secure code

However I still prefer the separate virtual card number with separate
credit limits. Now when CIMB abandoned this virtual card, I don't feel
secure any more. I wonder if requiring photocopies of Credit cards
will make the system more secure. These photocopies can be faked as
well especially when they are from overseas.

MAS offers is good despite using old 737 aircraft. With proper
maintenance, 737 is still reliable and MAS used to be very proficient
in this. Hopefully they will continue their maintenance standard
despite offering such huge discounts.

RM160 return from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu is a good offer
especially with 20kg baggage and seat numbers, although not as good
previous at RM120. All these can be spoiled by such a stupid
Electronic Ticketing system.

I find MAS system not as intelligent and user friendly as Air Asia.
Initially, MAS used to demand credit card numbers before confirming
prices, which I refused to do. Now it is better but passenger
information entry is not comforting. You only enter a surname and
first name, printed the wrong way for the Malaysian standard, i.e.
surname first, and without the bin or binti.

MAS secure code system is more user friendly unlike Air Asia. I notice
that Air Asia allows some cards to be processed without any secure
code. It could be due to the Credit Card provider. CIMB has a good
secure code system and I believe CIMB insists on the secure code
before authorising payment. In fact, we should insist on secure code
in all internet purchasings except Paypal.

For those, without any credit card, it is time for you to apply. Many
discounts are only available via credit cards. Even debit debit cards
or electronic credit cards are not a substitute. Debit cards are not
secure. They will wipe out all your accounts and cannot be used for a
lot of internet payments.

I have a Standard Chartered bank ATM/Debit/Electronic credit card.
Unfortunately, I cannot find any outlet that will accept it as easily
as cash. You need a credit card machine to process payment.

There may be problems with credit card usage but usually they will be
ironed out if only we persevere in complaining and sorting it out. My
sister had such a problem with her daughter but finally it was sorted
out without too much hastle. It was just a phone call away to solve
most problems.

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