Monday, 3 August 2015

z7k500 hard disk review

I bought this hd from ACI for rm185. Actually it is the state of the art. More advanced than the 7k1000, which is of much older technology but is 1T. The z7k models only can go to 500g but is only 7mm thick. Even in a external hd casing, I have to put padding in order to reduce vibration. I used its plastic cover as the pad.

tinytech USB 3 HD  external hd casing is the best value. It is aluminium, and does not use any screw. It now even comes with USB 3cable with an extra power USB connector.

The most important data is the sequential read. In the iometer, the size of the file is only 2M but it shows some idea of how fast it is. In real situations, we shall be copying 4G files, or files much larger than 2Mbyte in sizes.

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