Saturday, 3 August 2013

Fasting saves money and environment while preventing diseases

Even at 28 degree C I feel cold. I need to set it higher in this fasting month. It shows that fasting not only gives us better health, it also saves our money in lower electricity bill costs and at the same time save the environment because we eat less food and use less electricity.

The question is how low should our weight be? My weight now is around 52 kg when fasting without sahur i.e. not eating early in the morning. If you refer to the cdc website:

I can still lower my weight to 50 kg in order to reach the lowest BMI that is allowed but my appearance is like a drug addict even when my weight is already 52 kg. I don't feel much discomfort doing my daily activities which is mostly walking up stairs, reading and watching TV. In fact I feel more healthy because I don't feel tired walking or even running up stairs.

Before the fasting month, my weight was around 54 kg because I restrict my diet. I rarely eat any lunch except when it is free or I am near a restaurant that serves my favourite food which is beef noodle soup or beef rojak.

Even when I skip breakfast but eat roti canai twice a week, nasi biryani for dinner once a week, teh tarik 4 times a week, my weight still increases. Once I detect the weight to have gone higher than 55 kg, I stop eating these rich food for one week. During meetings and office functions, I drink milk tea and cakes as well as the food served. It shows that even with this modest consumption of food it is still too much for someone like me. I only feel slightly hungry during lunch time but I stop it by drinking a few glasses of water. I feel slightly weak but disappears in the afternoon. I enjoy my simple dinner even more but still control the amount that I eat.

The strange thing is that when I eat a heavy breakfast, more than a roti canai and teh tarik, I feel hungrier when lunch time arrives. I notice that I eat not because I was really hungry, I eat because I thought I need to eat because of a slight hunger feeling. In order to maintain our body weight, we must always be in a hungry state. Initially it is very difficult because it will increase our temper but we tend to get used to it.

When my weight was 64 kg, I had problems during the fasting month. I suffer from dehydration which shows as head aches and suffer throughout the day from weakness feeling. Now, when my body weight is only 51 kg, I don't feel much hunger at all.

The most difficult problem was to reduce my weight down to 54 kg.  I had a diet of boiled vegetables with dried prawns with rice daily and weekly boiled assam (tamarind) fish. After 2 months, even boiled carrots taste better than freshly boiled prawns. I was motivated to reduce my weight because of the detection of a 2 cm diameter brain tumour. I also eat a lot of anti cancer food such as honey, mushrooms, dragon fruit, aloe vera, habbatus saudah and apricot seeds but I think it was the diet that managed to reduce the tumour to undetectable size (less than 1cm) in one year.

It is not clear if the tumour has disappeared or not but I think it is wise to keep my body weight to the most healthy level. Having a BMI at the border line is not good enough. My BMI was normal when my weight was 65 kg but it is still not good enough whereas my son who is 20 years old, weights only 50 kg, and is slightly taller than I am. He looks normal while I look like a drug addict.

Even at the weight of 51kg, I still have a tummy bulge unlike my son. Which shows that all the fasting removes fat from other parts of the body except the stomach.

How about exercise? When my weight was around 53 kg, I trained hard to pass my diving test. My stamina was higher than when my weight was 64 kg. My heart does not feel pressured when I run or do strenuous activities.

Another myth that I keep on getting from people is to refrain eating beef or sea food. It is not the type of food but the among of food that is dangerous. 1 plate of rice is more dangerous than two slices of lamb chops. Similarly for two or more cups of coffee with milk. Even after eating a buffet dinner at hotels, my weight does not increase much. It is the daily doses of 2 cups of teh tarik that will increase my weight so much.

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