Thursday, 31 January 2013

Malaysian government not serious about controlling Illegal Immigrants

Despite mandating employers in paying workers' levy, it is the workers
who actually payed the levy. Employers always deduct the levy from the
workers' salaries.

If the employers don't pay the levy, then the government can take
action against the employers. If the workers are to pay the levy
themselves, the government can only take action against the workers.
Since workers don't have money to pay the fines, they will just go to
jail, increasing the burden on public money, i.e. Malaysian taxpayers.

Theoretically, the government can take action against both employers
and illegal workers. It is only a question of providing the least
burden of proof and the ease at enforcing the fines. Workers' levies
allow the government a very conveninet way of controlling illegal
immigration while increasing its revenue.

By insisting that only workers need to pay the levy, employers will be
free to employ illegal workers at will. It will be harder to prosecute
employers who are the most responsible in bringing in illegal workers
to Malaysia anyway.

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