Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hong Kong has the most efficient transportation

Hong Kong already has the best airport for 10 times since the last 11
years it was in operation. The exception was during the SARS period
that spread widely from Hong Kong.

I was able to travel from Eaton Hotel, Nathan Road, nearest to Jordan
MRT, to Hong Kong park in under 30 minutes. Staying at the park taking
pictures for a few minutes at the lake and back to the hotel took less
than an hour, and we took the wrong MRT entry, crossing the road
instead of using the entry just at the side of the road and mistakenly
coming out at Tsim Sha Tsui. instead of Jordan.

The reasons are:
1) overhead bridges and subways for road crossings
2) escalators almost everywhere

Singapore is not up to it yet. Not sure about London. I was in London
more than 20 years ago. Tokyo is no match because the interchanges in
Tokyo need a long distance of walking without much escalator.

Tokyo was not crowded, but Hong Kong feels even less crowded during
the weekend. Kota Kinabalu feels crowded in comparison. And that
includes the roads.

Hong Kong can be even cheaper because of the Electric Trams. Trams are
single carriage electric trains, running along the major roads. They
charge HK$2.3 per trip irrespecive of distance. It tends to be crowded
at the beginning but later on, as people disembark, there will be
seats available.

Kota Kinabalu, or any cities in the world, should emulate Hong Kong in
order to reduce congesting and pollution. Underground transportation
is not enough. Need to use smart cards, outdoor escalators and subways
in order to reduce the time taken to reach important destinations.

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