Sunday, 19 February 2012

I passed my diving license

I passed my diving certificate. It is actually a dangerous sport and must be accompanied by experienced divers. But all diving activities are accompanied by dive masters or should be. Without any experienced dive trainers with you, it is not advisable to dive even after you have passed the license.

When taking the course and reading the instructions I was actually scared. When I actually did it, it was clear that it is not as dangerous as it should be. But you must RELAX and inform of any problem immediately before it is too late. According to the dive instructors, nobody had died in Sabah diving.

If they stricly follow these safety standards, I am pretty sure it will continue this way. I am actually 53 years old but I am a reasonably good swimmer who is not afraid of the water. I had some problems with my right ear. The recommended doctor, at Sabah Clinic, noted that my right ear is somewhat blocked but was not in any way dangerous to diving. It may not be dangerous, but it made equalising for the higher pressure, difficult. The lesson is that, we must clean our ears. Sabah clinic can clear our ears for RM35 per ear.

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