Monday, 6 February 2012

As easy to do Carbon fibre as Fibre Glass

After looking at Youtube videos of carbon fibre and kevlar techniques,
I am convinced that it is just as easy to fabricate carbon fibre parts
as it is to fabricate fibre glass parts.

Our local industries are already reasonably good at making fibre glass
parts for custom water tanks, boats etc. Unfortunately these fibre
glass manufacturers do not seem to grow. They are beaten by the
factory produced plastic water tanks.

For boat making, fibre glass is still required. So are making car
modification parts. Unfortunately, I notice that I cannot find any
manufacturer who can manufacture using carbon fibre. The filipinoes
are already good at carbon fibre, as shown by the carbon fibre Shell
eco-marathon cars that their students. UMS had to make do with paper

When I enquire from these manufacturers, they claim that it is too
difficult. They don't seem to have any idea at all. They were taught
only fibre glass techniques and their suppliers only supply fibre
glass materials.

It is also partly due to their customers who demand only fibre glass.
For example, fibre class boats. Anyone requesting carbon fibre boats?
Nobody because it is too costly.

It is not a major loss actually. From what I had read about
comparisons between carbon fibre and fibre glass. Carbon may be up to
30% stronger and rigid but it costs too much. But with that we can
make carbon fibre parts that are 30% lighter for the same strength.
Carbon FG-CARB5750 5.7oz x 50" Width $41.50/ Yard
Glass FG-C0660 60" Width $6.25
Kevlar FG-KEV560 60" x 5oz Kevlar $25.00 / Running Yard

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