Monday, 11 April 2011

Cheaper and save more lives by Targeting Gadafi

There is no point and very expensive in attacking the military who are
threatening civilians in Libya. 1 billion US had been spent and more
will be spent.
Just by targeting Gadafi and people around him, would be much more
cost effective. Do not bother with civilian casualties. Even civilians
who hate Gadafi do not mind being bombed accidentally as shown by the
rescue of the US airmen in Benghazi. Anyone who supports and protects
Gadafi are also guilty of the crimes against humanity and deserve the
death penalty so if they are found supporting and nearing the places
that Gadafi was found, they should be bombed. If they die, they
deserve it.
For Muslims, it is very clear that supporting murderers mean that they
are no longer Muslims. Even by not doing anything to stop Gadafi ALSO
MEANS that their faith is compromised because Prophet Muhammad already
stated clearly that to hate a crime silently in ones heart only,
instead of stopping it physically or vocally, means that ones faith in
Islam is the WEAKEST.
It shows how bad Muslims are all over the world. Only Qatar and UAE
are real Muslims. The rest are just hypocrites. And this includes the
Saudi Arabia. They are only Muslims in name.
In fact it is the French that is the best in the world. They support
the rebel, whose sole purpose was to topple Gadafi, i.e. to stop the
slaughter of innocent civilians. Followed by USA and UK.

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