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Vindictive BN 'stabs' Sarawak Report portal
FMT Staff
| April 10, 2011
Sarawak Report's owner Clare Rewcastle blames BN for the DDOS attacks
on her site but that has not stopped her from putting out a new
article on Facebook.
KUCHING: Online news blog Sarawak Report, which has been disclosing
revelations on Chief Minister Taib Mahmud's extensive business empire
and unexplainable wealth running into billions of US dollars, has come
under massive attack.
According to Sarawak Report owner Clare Rewcastle Brown, the site has
been experiencing interrruptions over the past week "which culminated
in concerted attack yesterday in the UK and then going fullblown and
global overnight".
"Our web experts say it is a Distributed Denial of Service Attack
(DDOS) , the same form of attack that brought down WikiLeaks.
"They use robots to shoot bits of software to flood the server," said
Rewcastle in an email to FMT.
She blames Barisan Nasional for the attacks on her site.
She said it appeared that BN has suddenly realised the growing spread
of information about corruption in Sarwak.
"We regard it as the latest of a series of highly inept and dishonest
attempts to undermine our website.
"Clearly BN do not find themselves in a position to answer our
findings and arguments, so they have taken the cheat route instead.
"Their methods of attacking us have all be very expensive, but highly
counter-productive and have caused them to look pretty foolish in the
"They can't seem to control the internet anymore. With the election
campaign underway, Taib can't seem to explain his wealth anymore," she
Different counter attacks
She said BN had tried different ways of counter-attacking Sarawak
"First they tried to out-number us with 30 or so look alike sites, all
praising Taib Mahmud. Then they tried to 'piggy-back' us with a sound
alike site with an almost identical name!
"Next they started posting paid ads for their site at the top of the
google search page for Sarawak Report.
"By this time we had a loyal readership and they still made no impact
at all.
"So, now the ultimate cheat. They have thrown more money into an
attempt to knock us out altogether," she said.
She added that all latest articles will now be posted in Sarawak
Report's Facebook until the site is back up.
New article on BN's cyber war
In line with that, Rewcastle has put out a new article on the 'BN's
cyber war'
According to new report, there have been dozens of new sites which
have popped up under the control of PBB Youth Information leader,
Abdul Aziz Adenan Satem, who is the son of Adenan Satem, Taib's PBB
Information Chief. He is also Taib's nephew.
The report continues to state:
"All these sites are just like the Borneo Post and are by definition
as boring as hell with the finger-prints of BN propaganda over every
line. But, Abdul Aziz's biggest and proudest effort has been a site
called Sarawak Reports.
As they say 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery', so of
course we all know that this means that young Abdul regards our site
to be a massive success and he wants others to come to his site
thinking they are visiting ours.
This attempt to 'piggy-back' our site is in fact a well-known tactic
by cheat marketing outfits. Such people hope that a person, looking
for say a washing machine, will Google for a reputable site and end up
by mistake purchasing from the dodgy replica site instead.
In a crass attempt to disguise their involvement in the site, they
have hosted it through an outfit in the USA, run by a fellow called
Todd Ash of Easy Internet Marketing in Scottsdale, Arizona.
His own advertising tells you all you need to know about Todd Ash, who
likes to call himself "billionaire" and aggressively threatens any
critics of his various get rich quick schemes, which range from using
water as petrol to chain marketing ventures."
Sarawak Report's latest article can be accessed at

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