Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Germans have always supported Hitler: Gadafi example

Germany's lack of concern about the atrocities committed by Gadafi in
Libya shows that Germans are repeating their behaviours when they
supported Hitler in Germany. Despite the mass murders committed
against Jews right at their door steps, the germans claim ignorance.
Now I believe it is all lies.

How can you claim ignorance in the case of Libya with all the
Satellite channels broadcasting the murders of innocents in Libya, as
well as telephone calls made by doctors in Libya and journalists
reporting about the atrocities committed by unarmed citizens of Libya.

Any nation or do not take action against Libya is also guilty of
supporting all these atrocities that are equal to the atrocities
committed by Germany against Jews.

The lack of action of Arab nations are understandable because most of
them are dictatorships, but situations like Yemen, where soldiers
rebelled against order to kill ordinary citizens shows that ordinary
Arabs are compassionate. It is only their leaders.

Germany is a different story. It is supposed to be a democracy and a
very rich and capable nation. It worries me about the nature of their
citizens when confronting mass murders. They are tolerating it now,
but it means that they are capable of doing it.

It applies to all nations and people that are supporting Gadafi by
inaction or condemning the killing of murderers in Libya, are also
guilty as murderers themselves, and will most likely be murderers in

For Muslims, it is very clear that anyone who do not stop murders,
will lose faith in Islam and will no longer be recognised as Muslims.
That applies to all the Arab leaders who do not support the killing of
Gadafi, not just deposing him from Libya. For Islam it is very clear,
murderers must be killed.

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