Saturday, 18 December 2010

Wan Azizah as Malaysia's First Woman PM

There are many accusations that Anwar Ibrahim is crazy to become PM.
This is the reason quoted by UMNO as to why Anwar kept on fighting for
the poor people in Malaysia.

It is very easy for PR Pakatan Rakyat to solve this problem and at the
same time, wield as a weapon against their opponents. Let Anwar only
stand as a State Assemblyman. In this way, Anwar cannot become PM
without massive support from within PR and the voters.

It also removes any possibilility that Anwar be convicted just before
Election day. Based on actions by the Judge in disallowing defence
evidences while allowing dubious prosecution evidences, it is very
clear that Anwar will not get a fair trial. By pre-empting this
decision, Anwar should feel less pressure and allow him to rest and
plan for the coming election.

Anwar must campaign so he must register as a cadidate for the State

The world seems to go for women as their leaders. Australia, New
Zealand and Germany had gone this way. US may be next.

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