Saturday, 4 December 2010

Kuala Lumpur is boring to Sabahans

In my days in the 1970s it was so exciting to go to Kuala Lumpur
because of their shopping centres and low prices of goods compared to
Sabah. Now it is no longer so. Kota Kinabalu has an abundant of
shopping centres and our prices here are almost the same as Kuala
Lumpur. Whatever that we cannot get in Sabah, we can easily buy

For Sabahans, that has lots of beaches and water fronts in all major
towns in Sabah, Kuala Lumpur is so boring. Even putting aquarium in
Kuala Lumpur will not make it exciting. Pulau Sentosa island's may
also use an aquarium but being so near to the sea, we somehow overlook
this and pretend that the aquarium is the sea. Similarly for Langkawi
but Kuala Lumpur?

No matter how many buildings you put at Kuala Lumpur including the
mega towers or whatever will not make Kuala Lumpur as exciting as
Sabahan towns or even overseas visitors. These are just different
types and sizes of buildings, nothing more. You quickly get bored of
them over time.

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