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Re: Brain Drain from Malaysia

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> The Brain Drain Plan
> Posted by: Yogeswaran Gopala Krishnan
> We have talked and debated about the brain drain situation in
> Malaysia. It is happening in front of our very own eyes and more often
> then not, we are left wondering why not enough is done to plug this
> hole
> Now, if we carefully think about it, maybe the country can benefit
> from brain drains.
> We have a growing number of unemployed graduates who can't speak
> English.  If the clever ones who are able to articulate in English can
> leave the country, we would have enough jobs for these low performers.
> Malaysia is not a design hub but more of a Manufacturing/Agricultural
> country. Let's face it, we don't have to be rocket scientists to
> control operators and make sure factory operations runs. It does not

Actually we still have these brilliant scientists, and many of them
are chinese in Malaysia, but their views are not taken seriously
because the leaders and those in power don't understand anything at

As usual, just because they don't understand new ideas, it means that
these ideas are all wrong.

Low salaries is not the main reason why a nation is so backward. Look
at China and Russia. Their salaries are low but most citizens are
still loyal to their nations and will not take up offers of better pay

In Malaysia there is a general belief that leaders and decision makers
need not know what they do. This is clearly shown by the Malaysian
federal government policy that anyone can be leaders in agencies
despite them not qualified to work in these fields. For example,
geologists head account departments, and vice versa.

So clearly brain drain is not the reason but idiocy is.

Why Malaysians tolerate idiocy and blame it on brain-drain?

Because Malaysians don't really care. They only care for getting
better paid jobs instead of improving the lives of Malaysians in

The reason is actually very simple. Malaysians think that they are
alright but statistics don't lie.
The income gap is the same as sahara nations, i.e. the worst in the
The human trafficking and slavery is among the worst in Malaysia.
Water and electricity supply is also among the worst in the world
judging from the electric lines shown in the towns in Darfur, Sudan
well known to be the worst in the world.

Malaysians are proud of their development. It certainly looks better
than Mecca of Saudi Arabia, but Bangladeshis are laughing at the state
of development in Kota Kinabalu.

Imagine nobody complain when Johor has no water at all in their water
reserve tanks and yet nobody complained while Singapore cried and
wailed when their water reserve tanks are still half-full.

Despite all these miserable statistics of Malaysia, and the obvious
excesses of the police and enforcement agencies reinforced by
illogical court judgements that don't seem to understand simple
English phrases, the same government is returned to power with
overwhelming majority.

The bottom line is that, Malaysians have never really suffered
compared to Russia and China.
The only cure is for Malaysia to fall into chaos and disasters before
Malaysians react logically to preserve their livelihood. It is going
to be painful and will take decades of pain, just like what History
had told us.

Look at Zimbabwe.

> even have to run efficiently as Malaysia does have a certain low
> production cost advantage to all these multinational companies, who
> will likely to continue to invest.
> Yes, going backwards is the way forward……it will benefit the country
> and politicians.
> Low performers do not need to be highly paid. Where are they going to
> go? They are not competitive and cannot survive anywhere else except
> in Malaysia. They are not smart, English illiterates, contented
> without any ambition and hence easily controlled and manipulated.
> With all the highly paid intelligent people gone (they are now
> Singapore's problem), the country can is able to function at a lower
> cost.
> Sure, income from the taxes will be reduced but we have PETRONAS, to
> take care of the Politician's….ahem….the People's needs as there will
> be more oil money to go around – remember, there will less intelligent
> people to question how the money is being spent.
> The unintelligent people will not argue and will grab whatever crumbs
> (i.e. Development Projects) that are thrown at them.
> The Plan is Fail Proof!

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