Monday, 25 July 2016

What is the next evolution of Search Engines?

IT problems. There are 2 netbooks, provided by SKMM to my brother's family. One is a lenovo netbook with N2700 CPU and 2 GB RAM, which is faster than my netbook a Toshiba with N450 CPU and 1Gbyte of RAM that I bought for RM1400.
Both were unuseable for years because one had a screen that is inverted and another with a forgotten password.

Despite visiting my house for a few times and us visiting their house a few times also, these problems were not mentioned to me, but yesterday, they showed these netbooks to be me.

My brother is a graduate Fishery officer. My sister in law works for the federal department as pembantu pegawai tadbir. My nieces who use one of the netbook are full boarding school attendees and yet they they and her IT department cannot solve the problem.

I solved them in less than 1 hour, just before leaving the house because I had to go to the TM openhouse.

The inverted screen is solved by just googling. The forgotten password is solved by just reading the manual and looking at the one key restore. Luckily the simplified user guide is still available. I wanted to look for the useguide online because I forgot how to operate the one key recovery for a Lenovo. I have a lenovo laptop also.

Just imagine a family that is not so well educated or talented, given netbooks or PCs? I do not think they can handle them. The IT departments are also hopeless. They can only handle standard problems where they are trained.

It is so easy for me. Just search the internet. Why can't they? My computer engineering students also have the same problem, even the final year ones. Maybe there is something about the art of searching.

The art of searching was based on searching for fragments of words and let users decide which ones are the correct one. I wrote a program to do similar search for Sandakan TM's bad debtor's check by utilising dBAse II partial string compare, even before Yahoo and later Google search appeared.

We need a system which can self correct even when there is no search being given. e.g. when the screen is inverted for prolong duration. Or password entered wrongly for a few times and PCs unused for a long time. It is simple to program. It is just a matter of putting the simple program as part of the protocol of the operataing systems. It will help a lot in making PCs and computers useable.

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