Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Malaysia needs the British Ceremonial Arts video maker

I had just attended the award ceremony at the Palace in Sabah. It has the highest protocol in Sabah and the medals are all made up of real metals, unlike normal award cermonies. These are awards for service to the State of Sabah, similar to the Queen of England's awards. All other states in Malaysia have similar award cermonies. In 2015 there are around 1000 recipients. It was conducted a few times a year.

In my case, it lasted for 1.5 hours for around 300 recipients, the largest ever conducted. There were photographers where we can pay for the photographs taken during that time. Unfortunately, there is no video being taken. Therefore no chance for publication at national or personal video channels. A lost opportunity to make money and increase the prestige of these events all over Malaysia.

Imagine, if 1000 of the friends and relatives of the recipients are watching the event, there will be 1 million viewers in Sabah alone, making it the most popular event in Sabah. Even with just 100 per recipient, it is still around 100,000 viewers. With only 1.5 hours, it is just like watching a movie. There is so much drama during the award ceremony, due to mistakes being made. That will make the view interesting indeed.

The recipeints also include successful and rich people so they should be able to afford a video of the event. If the price is right, I would like to purchase one, which is similar to our marriage video. The commercial success of such an enterprise is not a certainty but it should be open for tender. Let the videographers tender for the rights and market the video just like this BCA. last updated on 11 Ogos 2011.
British Ceremonial Arts (BCA)

Members of the public who are awarded an honour in either the New Year's Honours List or The Queen's Birthday Honours List receive their award at a ceremony known as an Investiture.
Each year, around 2,600 people receive their awards personally from The Queen or a member of the Royal Family.
Around 25 Investitures are held each year. The majority happen in the Ballroom at Buckingham Palace, but others take place at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, in the Waterloo Chamber at Windsor Castle, and sometimes at Cardiff Castle in Wales.
You can read more about Investitures here
Media coverage of Investitures
British Ceremonial Arts (BCA) is contracted to film inside Buckingham Palace (and Holyroodhouse and Cardiff Castle when required) during Investiture ceremonies. This footage is available for each recipient to keep as a record of their Investiture.

Each recipient is asked if they are content for the moment of Investiture to be released for broadcast purposes, and, if the recipient has agreed, news stations (BBC, ITV and Sky) may contact BCA to ask for this footage. A list of recipients who do not wish broadcasters to use this material is always sent to journalists with each Investiture list.
BCA can be contacted on tel: 0118 977 6800/6900 or e-mail:

A Press Association reporter always interviews recipients on a pool basis who may be of interest to the national media immediately after the presentation of the award has taken place.

A Royal Rota of photographers and television crews take their places at a press position in the Quadrangle where recipients who are happy to be interviewed may be photographed/filmed with their awards after the ceremony completes (normally around 12.15 p.m.).

Reporters may also join this press position, and to do so, they should contact Royal Communications no later than 48 hours prior to the Investiture date.

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