Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo is an arrogant libelous liar


I consider myself the ultimate defender of free speech. I am also against any form of lying. Charlie Hebdo is not exercising his right to free speech but exercising his right to lie by making personal unproven statements about a specific person.

Making genaral statements cannot be a lie because there is always some element of truth in it so we cannot deny them. For example the holocaust denials and general views about jews as murderous bastards should be allowed but alas, this is the oppostie. The truth about jews is violently suppressed, such as the cases of just simple jokes about jews written by Martello which he retracted as a misunderstanding.

Or caricature about North Korea, which is a well known fact. Caricatures about our leaders or generalisations about muslim nations and leaders, all these are allowed as long as they have some element of truth in them. When they are devoid of any truth, such as these Charlie Hebdo comics, that is not defending the right to free speech, but the right to insult people of other races with lies and bad languages.

If you want to associate yourself with these lies and bad languages, then expect the worst treatment. It is only logical that people will try to kill you because that is the only way to stop you. However normal humans beings do not rely on logic alone in order to make decisions. However also, there are many people, also, who rely on logic in solving their problems, people such as the muslim extremists.

Don't teach our chlildren to be like Charlie Hebdo. Teach them to respect other people by being honest and nice to them but I also teach my children to be honest if it were the truth, no matter how painful and insulting it may be, such as the hypocricy of the west and the murderous nature of the jews.

"hypocricy of the west and the murderous nature of the jews"
These arejust generalisations but unfortunately have some element of truth in them but there are many exceptions, such as the editors of the above website and many jews that I had read about.

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