Saturday, 16 November 2013

Hiqh EQ shows a desctructive environment

IQ is well known as the ability to solve problems, provided the facts are readily available and normal rules apply.
EQ is the ability to be successful other than IQ, i.e. not due to problem solving skills but other skills, such as negotiating skills, empathy and networking.

This gives you an idea where a person is has high IQ can be successful where facts are respected and therefore problems are actually solved, whereas EQ is required when problem solving using hard facts are not available. EQ is introduced in order to resolve issues where people with apparent high IQ failed to be successful but you notice that this is an environment where facts are not respected. This is not a conducive environment for real progress and facts point this out very clearly.

Developing nations put up social leaders that are high in EQ but low in IQ whereas advanced nations such as Germany, emphasise more on hard scientific skills such as IQ. Spain and Greece ma appear like a developed nation but in these nations, there are more marketing people than technical people to the extent that despite high unemployment rate, it is still very difficult to get workers who are skill in hard technical skills in hospitals, so hospitals don't have enough workers. Whereas in Germany, even small villages are capable of producing advanced machines for themselves instead of relying on outsourcing.

Engineering is well know as requiring high IQ whereas marketing requires EQ skills, but in countries that reqire high EQ skills such as in Malaysia such as the ability to bribe, lie, cheat and cronyistic, will make you more successful than those who have such high IQ who can actually solve problems.  A successful German worker will not survive in environments that require high EQ such as marketing such as in Spain and Malaysia whereas a worker who is highly successful in Spain and Malaysia, mostly in marketing skills, will not survive in Germany that requires more on hard technical skills.

However which nations are more successful? Germany or Spain? Germany of course. Despite having less requirement for having EQ and more requirements for IQ, German economy remains strong. There is no fear of the China competition because even China buys from Germany.

The conclusion is simple, environments that favour IQ over EQ means that the environment will lead to success, whereas, environments where EQ is required in order to be successful, means that the environment will lead to destruction sooner or later, because because problem solving is not based on facts but rather on emotions. How can a nation where deception and corruption is a necessity in order to survive, can ever be successful?

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