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10 richest nation

30 Mar 2013 | Updated 09:25AM IST
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The world's 10 richest nations
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The world's 10 richest nationsNew Delhi: How do you find out how rich or poor a country is? The answer is simple , we can get to know the financial status of a nation by calculating its GDP or Per Capita income.

So here we present a list of ten richest nations  in the world on the basis of GDP or Per Capita income.

You will be amazed to see here that Asian countries have crossed well-established European countries and super-power America in terms of annual economy growth. Here is the list:

1. United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates earn more or less 25 percent of its annual income through exporting oil and gas reserves.

The overall per capita income of UAE is roughly described as $47,500.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland, probably the most beautiful country on Earth, is also among the richest countries. Per capita gross domestic product of Switzerland is described as $41,950.

Total residents of Switzerland are around 7.8 million.

3. United States of America

United States of America have enjoyed the status of richest country in the world for years. Per capita income of United States of America is described as just around $46,000.

It is a center to the other rich nations of world.

4. Qatar

Qatar is widely recognized as the third largest country in the world in terms of holder of natural gas reserves. The population of Qatar is more or less 1.7 million people.

Forbes Magazine reported the per capita income of this top-ranked nation as $88,222.

5. Luxembourg

This very small country is widely recognized as the tax heaven across the globe. The per capita income of Luxembourg has been described by Forbes Magazine as $81,000.

The country is the home to half a million natives only.

6. Singapore

Singapore is a big business hub in the world and  has exceptionally well per capita income which is described as around $56,700.

It is also recognized as the manufacturing and technology hub across the world.

7. Norway

Norway, a beautiful country in terms of natural beauty. It is said that nearly half of exports of Norway depends on the petroleum industry.

Per capita income of this Scandinavian country is described as $52,000. It has around 5 million residents on its land.

8. Brunei

Located on the Borneo Island, Brunei has extensive natural reserves mostly consist on natural gas and petroleum fields.

Forbes Magazine’s research show that the per capita income of Brunei has reached just over $48,000. Total population of this Southeast Asian country is above 400,000.

9. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is worldwide recognized for its deep natural harbor as well as expansive skyline. Per capita income of Hong Kong is told as $45,944.

It is said about Hong Kong dollar that this currency has become one of the most traded currencies in the world.

10. Netherlands

The Netherlands is recognized as among the first few countries in the world which started governing their government matters through elected democratic parliament.

Netherlands has per capita income of $40,973. The country has 16.8 million people on its land. 

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