Monday, 30 January 2012

Apple is not a firm of endearment

Despite not being a firm of endearment, it is still the most profitable. Despite charging hisg prices for its products, it still mistreats its workers, or rather its contractors.

You may think that conditions in China does not affect us in Malaysia but better think again. They will take away our jobs and salaries. Do you want to work as slaves in these factories and therefore can we fairly compete with these Chinese firms?

We cannot so if you do not want to lose your electronics jobs, then don't support Apple. It is safer in jobs that have nothing to do with electronics.

After watching the film, Social Network, I realise how immoral Mark Zuckerberg is. With this kind of personality behind Facebook, I don't think it will have a long term future. Its success is only due to Harvard students. There is nothing so special or unique about Facebook.

By giving away a lot of things for free, Google should be a model of a firm of endearment where all stakeholders are happy with them, especially their workers. We should all support Google+ then. Abandon Facebook. When their founders are unethical, we should not expect the company to really care about the interests of its customers.

Facebook is innovative in leading the way in Social Networking and help revolutions. Or was it Twitter? Or the Google executive? We should reward Facebook for that but in the long term, we should go for more ethical companies such as Google. Then go to Google+. It should be better and safer than Facebook. Facebook is already riddled with so many controversies with its security and privacy systems.

In the same way, we should abandon Apple. Go for Android. Whatever Apple has, we can always duplicate in other brands. Google may not be innovative enough at the moment, so we should learn and reward Apple for it, but it won't last forever.

I notice that it is the cruel people who are more innovative. The nicest people tend to be boring. But for long term relationship, we must stick to the nicest people on earth. It is for our longterm good.

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