Wednesday, 21 December 2011

SBPA: 10 % increase, after that ZERO?

If your mark is less than 70%, you have the option to retire early. In
TM and Petronas, it is called redundancy.

This forced signing or signing without being given time and
information to consider, reminds me of the Jabatan Telekom. It was a
mistake for us to sign to remain with TM. We should all opt for early
retirement. Then we can get all our pension immediately. When you join
TM instead of opting for retirement, you can only get your pension
after the age of 50.

In this SBPA, your salary may increase by up to 13%, but after that
your salary may not increase at all. It may be based on your work
performance, but as is practised in TM, there is a practise of forced
ranking, where there must be about 10% of those whose salary cannot
increase, no matter what your performance is.

You may pity those whose salary is low, but if your volunteer for the
10%, you will be deemed as a deadwood, and will not be considered
worthwhile. Worst, there are many people who will deliberately ask for
such ranking so that they will be removed. This usually happens to the
best and most hard working. Simply because they deem themselves
capable of surviving outside the company.

Also it happens to the most experienced workers. Their salaries are
already high that they don't need any increment. What kind of people
do you think these are?

The result is that, the best workers, because they can survive better
outside, and the most experienced, because they already have enough
money to be independent, will opt out. As more and more of this kind
of people leave, what is left are just hard working idiots, who do not
take no for an answer. What do you think will happen to the
intelligent workers? Do you think they want to work for this company,
especially in Malaysia? When salaries are much higher outside

Here we are complaining about Malaysians not wanting to work in
Malaysia, and yet the environment in Malaysia is what it is now. Only
the most stupid ones will want to return to Malaysia. They may be
idiots but they want to serve their country and family.

You may argue that these performance appraisals will be fair and if
not fair, can be contested in court. With all the forced ranking in
TM, there is not a single court case that I have heard. The easiest
and most cost effective is just to leave TM. In the current court
environment, it is not wise to go against the government.

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