Saturday, 1 October 2011

Android phones still don't get it! It is useability rather than power

After going through the latest android phones including 3D HTC and LG offerings, I notice that Android phones have improved by leaps and bounds. Samsung has improved a lot by reducing the thickness and weight of its phones. Not sure about its scratch resistant glass though.

 Most other androids pride in dual core speed but as long as we can browse the internet comfortably, there is little need for slightly higher speed. Just because it is double core does not mean that the internet speed will be higher.

iPhone4 has HDR photos which means that you DO NO NEED FLASH. How many Android offers such a feature? How many have managed to get 960 x 640 resolution which allows us to read more pictures and characters on screen? None. The highest I have seen was 960 x 540. 

The coming HTC 3D 4G has 1024 x 720, which is 720p resolution, similar to the Astro Beyond. Don't be fooled by the 1080p video taking. It only takes 1080p video, but cannot display it at 1080p.

Don't be fooled by displays of low resolution pictures, or brilliant colours. What you need is just a way to get information, which is sharpness of high resolution pictures and maximum number of text per screen.

iPhone 5: eBay expects iPhone 4 sales rush

The launch of the new Apple's iPhone 5 in October will push sales growth in the online market for previous iPhone models, according to eBay

Home screen of Apple iPhone 3GS
Home screen of Apple iPhone 3GS Photo: Alamy
Sales of old Apple's iPhone models are expected to rise up to 70 per cent in the aftermath of the new iPhone 5's launch, eBay has announced. As it happened last year, when the iPhone 4 went on sale, earlier iPhone models will be accessible at a lower price and online customers are ready to exploit the chance to get one.
According to eBay, more than half a million iPhones have been sold online since they have been introduced on the market. In the last year, an average of one iPhone per second has been sold via eBay UK.
“Our figures show that savvy shoppers are ready and waiting to get their hands on the iPhone 4 at a cut down price," Angus McCarey, Retail Director for eBay UK said. "The UK leads Europe in terms of smartphone adoption, which is helping to drive the triple digit growth of mobile shopping on eBay. Mobile is fundamentally changing retail as shoppers can now browse and shop on and offline in a seamless way.”
The smart phone market on the whole should see a surge in sales as the iPhone 5 goes on sale, eBay reports. During last year’s festive season, sales of the iPhone 3G exceeded the iPhone 4 as shoppers look for great deals rather than the most up-to-date model.
The IPhone 5 is expected to be relased on October 21, the weekend that iPod celebrates its 10th birhday, according to new rumours. The date is based on what appears to be a leaked note from a branch of Best Buy in the US. Other rumours are based on leaks from Asia, where the phone is assembled. The iPhone has traditionally been annonuced in June, at Apple's WWDC event in San Francisco. This is the first time that the announcement has been pushed back to the autumn.

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