Saturday, 17 September 2011

Fwd: Israel and US does not recognise Palestine, and yet expect Palestinians to recognise Israel!

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Date: Sep 17, 12:16 am
Subject: Israel and US does not recognise Palestine, and yet expect
Palestinians to recognise Israel!
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For 20 years Israel and US only expect negotiations in order to settle
the illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel. In the meantime,
Palestinians in Israel and in occupied Palestine is still
discriminated and treated like slaves or stateless people. One excuse
is that Palestinians don't recognise Israel state, which is just lies.

Only a few groups of Palestinians do not want to recognise Israel as a
state, but it is up to them, but when it comes to Israel, the Jews are
allowed to deny Palestinians the right to a statehood. Israel and US
wants Palestinians in Israel and Palestinians, to remain as stateless
as for the last 20 years while Israel keep on insisting negotiations
where Palestinians are expected to disregard their rights of return to
Israel and Palestine.

In other words, Israel wants Palestinians to remove their rights to a
state, either Palestine or Israel. Why on earth would anyone want to
do it, i.e. lose their rights as citizens of any state on earth. These
Palestinians have already lost their rights when Israel illegally
occupy their lands either in Israel or Palestine, by why would nations
who pride in freedom and justice like USA support the suppression of
the Palestinians by the Jews in Israel? For Palestinians, it does not
matter to them if the negotiations stalled, but for Israel, it is
favourable for them not to negotiate meaningfully,  by perpetuating
these denials of the rights of the Palestinians, for ever.

But now, what is the additional hypocrisy of the Jews of denying the
rights of the Palestinians to a statehood just because Palestinians
don't recognise the statehood of Israel, especially a statehood that
is clearly apartheid due to its policies of discriminatory immigration
policies. Jews are automatically given citizenships in Israel why
Palestinians are automatically denied citizenship and other rights to
their properties in Israel.

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