Sunday, 25 July 2010

It is so easy to repair and make Aluminium parts

Watch this video. It is also true for other Aluminium brazing rods
such as durafix:

Watch this youtube of a person demonstrating durafix.

From his description, he does not seem to represnt Durafix. He
mentions some of weaknesses of this such as its inability to stick to
non-magnetic materials such as stainless steel except cast iron.

It is so easy to create our own threads and ears such as during
repair. These threads are as strong as the bolts. Even holes as wide
as 1 inch can be repaired. It is even stronger than the original

I just discovered that my cheap butane burner costing RM30 can melt
aluminium cans. So is my butane lighter. As these HTS2000 and other
aluminium repair rods has a lower melting temperature than Aluminium,
it is no problem in using cigerate lighters to repair Aluminium parts
provided we have these Aluminium rods.

Unfortunately it is not easy to find it in Kota Kinabalu. I can order
from ebay for more than RM50 for 14 pieces of rods but I don't need
this much. I'd rather look for it in Kota Kinabalu. With such an
incredible versatility. I'm surprised that even Malaysian Airlines
technicians are not aware of this techniques when Aluminium parts are
so common in Aviation.

I'm certainly excited by this development. It means that I can forge
Aluminium parts of model Aeroplanes using Aluminium. I had built
Aeroplanes using polystyrene but it is not strong enough support
engine and control parts. So far I only have epoxy glue techniques to
fix aluminium parts together but glue is too heavy and not that strong.

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