Sunday, 7 February 2010

Only voters can enforce the Laws

My cousin wanted to kill those that he thinks are corrupt resulting in
his family losing their rights just before he died of old age.

I don't think it is sinful for him to do it against people who are
already sinful but it is useless. As long as we can still vote, just
vote or campaign for the truth.

He felt frustrated because despite being taken of their rights and
privileges by corrupt and lying people, they still don't want to fight
for their rights by being thankful for the miserable amount of money
that they are getting for the losses that they will suffer in the end.

My explanation is that it is all up to them. It is their rights to be
exploited and cheated, and continue being cheated.

It is their fault also for allowing unjust laws to be enforced by
judges. Just imagine, in the Pensiangan case, an officer has been
decided by the highest court in Malaysia, the Federal Court, to be
allowed to not admit documents by someone already in front of him all
the time, and disquality him from contesting in an election, because
he didn't accept his documents in the stipulated time.

Just imagine a bank officer, who refuse to accept payment to be made
before a certain time, before your property were to be auctioned off,
despite you being right in front of him all the time, before the
dateline. Our laws now are no longer conducive to business. The only
way for businesses to survive in Malaysia is to enforce the laws
outside Malaysia.

Take the oil royalty issues. It is clearly stated in the Act and
Agreement that the money is to be paid to the STATE government. Do you
think the Kelantan government will win their case finally in the
courts? No way.

The BN govenment is now arguing that prior acts forbid the the giving
of royalty to State governments, by why pass the act in the first
place. Usually the latest act overide the earlier acts but Malaysian
Federal Court judges have a very strange way of making judgements.

The Kelantan PAS government should just take the BN Federal government
to court and continue the Trengganu Court case which was stopped when
BN took over Trengganu with the agreement of the Trengganu voters.

The true colour of the BN government will shine through. Their Apex
Judges will finally judge that previous agreements will overide future
agreements, which makes any amendments useless. It may sound strange,
but it has already been decided that we actually do not own anything
at all despite having all the titles and grants to our properties.

It has already been decided by the Apex court that someone who forged
property documents have priority rights over the original owners who
are still in possession of the original property documents. It may
sound strange but this is the current and future Malaysian laws.

It had been in existence for a number of years already and voters
still keep on voting for the same government who passed these laws.

As a chinese saying, a rotten fish deserves a rotten head. My friends
keep on blaming the leaders but I no longer blame the leaders. The
leaders are politicians who rely on people support for their survival.
They survive because the people support them, or at least the group
that is in the largest majority.

In fact they will not survive if they don't do what the people want
them to do, i..e be corrupt and mischievous with the laws and

If you think you want to save the people, you must save yourself first
and convince the people that they need saving.

Again, you can argue that the people were conned by the government
through the censured media, but this is not completely true. You can
still travel to other nations like Singapore or Indonesia and compare
ourselves with them. Pictures of other nations such as Somalia and
Rwanda can be glanced at in the internet media.

UN reports are also available for us to read and compare.

After going back from singapore, I realise that we are many years
behind Singapore which has virtually no resources at all, not even
water. Our economic statistics are just as bad as African Sahara

Even African nations can receive video internet phones at home. How
many Malaysian homes are able to receive internet video phones at

Many don't even know what Internet Video Phone is, let alone Full HD

Saturday February 6, 2010

Abide by the law, Tengku Razaleigh tells oil corporation

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Petronas chairman Tengku Raza-leigh Hamzah
continues to insist that the national oil corporation must pay oil
royalties to the relevant state governments.

He called on the new Petronas CEO to conduct business according to the
law, not the directive of politicians.

Petronas recently announced the appointment of Datuk Shamsul Azhar
Abbas as its president and chief executive officer.

"In my opinion, I don't think they (Petronas) should follow the
directions of politicians. They must work in accordance with the law.

"If they find the direction is ill-advised, then they should advise
the politicians accordingly so that they will not be forced to do
things which are contrary to the provisions of the law and the
agreement," he told reporters at his house here yesterday.

He suggested an advisory council be established to advise the Prime
Minister and monitor Petronas' performance.

The Gua Musang MP maintained his stand that state governments were
entitled to a 5% royalty for petroleum extracted off its waters.

He said there was no provision in law for the disbursement of wang
ehsan, a goodwill payment that the Federal Government insisted states
such as Kelantan was only qualified for. He also cited Section 4 of
the Petroleum Development Act 1974.

On calls by certain quarters in Umno for him to step down as MP, the
Umno veteran leader said the party might not be able to retain the
seat if he did so, and there was the possibility that others might
step down.

On allegations that he had recently given a speech at a gathering
organised by the Opposition in Kelantan, Tengku Razaleigh clarified
that he had spoken at an event initiated only by non-governmental
organisations (NGOs).

"I was invited by a group of NGOs from Kelantan and Terengganu. I went
on the condition of speaking alone," he said.

He added that everyone was invited to the gathering regardless of
their political affiliation.

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