Thursday, 29 October 2009

ONly Healthy kids died from Swine Flu

What other reason apart from the non-administration of Tamilflu as
insisted by Manufacturers.

Those with underlying diseases, were given Tamilfu immediately and all
of them survived.

The healthy ones had to wait for more than 48 hours before Tamilflu is
given, for their severity to be confirmed but it is too late. By this
time it is too late already. It is just a waste of Tamiflu and creates
more problems by increasing the incidence of Tamilflu-resistant virus.

This is all due to WHO directive who does NOT ALLOW the administration
of Tamilflu for the healthy ones, immediately.

Healthy kids succumbed to swine flu: Death audit

Sumitra Deb Roy / DNAWednesday, October 28, 2009 2:55 IST
Mumbai: More healthy children in the state have succumbed to swine
flu, or influenza A (H1N1), than to underlying ailments, including

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The swine flu pandemic
A death audit of H1N1 patients in Pune's Sassoon General Hospital
(which treated the maximum number of swine flu cases in Maharashtra)
has proved wrong the theory that better immunity in children could
shield against swine flu. The trend, however, is the reverse for

The audit, conducted on October 23, showed that all eight children who
had succumbed to the virus at Sassoon were healthy, not immuno-
compromised, a government official said. "On the other hand, we had
children with HIV/Aids suffering from malaria, dengue and even cardiac
ailments. They were cured after being administered Tamiflu," he said.
Sassoon had checked 317 children for H1N1, with 52 testing positive.

"The state will look into the reasons why so many children tested
negative when the virus was in the air," he said.

"Experts think since healthy children fought the virus with more
virulence, their immune system could have collapsed faster," added the

Dr Arun Jamkar, dean, BJ Medical College, Pune, said: "Of the 44
children discharged after successful treatment, at least 10 were
suffering from underlying ailments, but still fought the swine flu
virus." The findings will be studied further, he said.

Dr Pravin Shingare, joint director, Directorate of Medical Education
and Research, said that the findings have taken health experts by
surprise. "About 80% of adults who succumbed to H1N1 were suffering
from co-morbid conditions like diabetes, hypertension, heart problems
and HIV/Aids."

Maharashtra has been worst hit by swine flu, with about 180 people
losing their lives. In Mumbai, 29 people died, among them 8 children.
The city is yet to undertake a Sassoon-like study.

The state government will share the Sassoon findings with global
agencies through video conference on Wednesday. Among the participants
will be top bureaucrats, health officers from state hospitals, the
Union ministry of health, the Atlanta-based Centres for Disease
Control and Prevention and the World Health Organisation.

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