Monday, 29 December 2008

Chinese with Wen and Ang surnames are Tausugs

Historical Timeline of the Royal Sultanate of Sulu
Including Related Events of Neighboring Peoples
By Josiah C. Ang, PM
Source: Jolo and Sulu


1731 - By decree of a Ming emperor, the remaining 300 survivors of
Sulu East King Paduka Batara, now christened as Chinese Wen and Ang
families, were assimilated into mainstream Chinese society that made
perpetually alive a Tausug bloodline in that part of the world


So many chinese are also descendents of the Sultan of Sulu.

My classmate has an Ang surname but he does not appear to recall any
of his Tausug ancestry.

Actually we need to know the chinese characters that were actually
used. Different dialects will pronounce their surnames differently.

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