Thursday, 6 November 2008

Obama is white and christian, idiot!

If you read through the above article, you just can't help how stupid
these people are to compare with a non-muslim candidate in Malaysia.

Obama may look black but his mother is certainly white. His white
grandmother feature prominently in his campaign.
He is certainly not Muslim either, rather a devout Christian.

It is understandable that the majority of US citizens are white and
christians. Obama, by having white christian upbringing and cultures
share the visions and aspirations of the majority white and christians
of the US populatioin.

Similarly for Malaysia. The majority of the citizens in Malaysia are
Muslims and Malay, and it is only natural that a Muslim Malay will be
the prefered leader for the majority of Malaysians.

I'm sure there are much smarter pure Blacks in USA compared to Obama,
but if they are not practising Christians and have Whte families and
upbringing, they will have no hope at the moment, or in the immediate
future. The only time this will happen will be when White Christians
were to become the minority.

Similarly for Malaysia. It will be too much and certainly undemocratic
if Chinese non Muslims were to be elected as the leader of Malaysia as
long as Muslims with Malay cultures are still the majority. The
equivalent to Obama in Malaysia or Indonesia will be a half-malay
muslim with non-typical Malay surnames to be chosen as leaders of
Malaysia or Indonesia. This is already happening as many of these
leaders are only half Malays, e.g. Mahathir, whose father is Indian.

The only racial bias barrier that Obama has overcome is his name.
Obama is not a White Christian name, Mahathir is a typical Malay
Muslim name. When names like Kee Mustapha were to be the Prime
Minister of Malaysia, it will be the day, Malaysia can match Obama in
racial tolerance, but Kee Mustapha is already a State Secretary of
Sabah, but very few people notice the chinese surname, Kee.

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