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Fwd: Alternative to Race Based Selection Criteria

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Subject: Alternative to Race Based Selection Criteria
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Color and Money: How Rich White Kids are Winning the War over College
Affirmative Action by Peter Schmidt

Review of the above book:

Extract of this book:
how to judge SAT scores, and race-neutral policies that target student
admissions according to factors such as family income and geographic
region, and strategies such as those used in Texas that have resulted
in higher minority admission and enrollment to state universities than
race-specific criteria.

As I had predicted, if true poverty were to be taken into account,
there will be more natives that will be helped, above the quotas that
are currently in place in Malaysia, while not denying the really poor
among the chinese.

The trouble with Malaysia is the difficulty in establishing income.
With so much corruption and cheating, it is difficult to pin point
true poverty. Chinese tend to be businessmen but will present very
little income. Even their taxable incomes are minimal but they could
be owning Mercedes Benzes.

The most promising is the geographical areas. By giving preferences to
areas, such as villages, even those in towns, it will be a more fool
proof way in identifying the really needy ones.

Malaysian government has started using in in patches. For example,
Felda Settler's children are given priority in taking up
apprenticeship in MAS Aircraft Maintenance Courses, but this could be
dangerous if the quality of students is too low.

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