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Disappointed with Wikipedia and Joomla: try tikiwii

A good comparison of Wiki software. These are free and user
installable with mySQL database storage.

Look at this description of tikiwiki.
Very impressive.

I'm currently testing mambo, joomla1.0 and joomla1.5 but are
disappointed with their handlings of java applets and javascripts, and
the lack of decent panoramic picture viewers and galleries.

I'm stuck with my normal html code in order to allow users to view my
panoramic pictures.
You can try TikiWiki v1.9.8.3 at the link above.

The latest version is 1.9.11 which you can download from

Wikipedia is more famous and is based on Wikimedia but it is only
optimised as an encyclopaedia. It is also filled with editors who are
so anxious to delete other people's articles based on false reasons.

Imagine deleting an article because England is not an International
Scoring 2 goals in football is not significant enough. The editor
thought that it was US football, instead of International Football.

My contributions towards the culture of the Suluks in Sabah were
deleted because they are not substantiated. How can I substantiate my
everyday living? I can record them on videos with well known personnel
such as the current ADUN for Sekong showing how Daling-daling is
performed in Sandakan.

I also have a few blogs on food in Sabah as well as panoramic pictures
that I want to share with others so that they will know more about
Sabah. I write about Sabah simply because I live in Sabah and there
are not many articles about Sabah.

I also can write about my researches on Intelligence theory that are
published in International conference papers but I welcome people to
write their own theories so that we can record and compare with each

Technical articles are not as useful as travel articles so we
encourage people to contribute their experiences, by noting the time
that they are talking about. Information about travel and politics
change very rapidly. Similarly for reviews about technologies.

Contributors are welcomed and encouraged but I still don't know how to
allow people to contribute to tikwiki. I also would like to allow
contributors to insert adverts in their articles, especially Google

Google Adsense is the technology of the century. I had made Google the
richest Internet company and will soon overtake Microsoft.

The beauty of Adsense is that, it is more like a useful link than an
advertisement. Adsense will offer links that are relevant to the
article that is written. If you talk about panorama, it will provide
links to advertisers related to the "panoramic picture" industry.

If your reader clicks these links, the author can make money. That is
the way we should reward contributors while not offending the readers,
and even helps the readers with useful links to the article.

So register with Adsense: by clicking
google_ad_client = "pub-2898215078168601";
google_ad_width = 468;
google_ad_height = 60;
google_ad_format = "468x60_as_rimg";
google_cpa_choice = "CAAQlfaWhAIaCDgcetl7W8a7KNvD93M";
google_ad_channel = "2182994049";


or link to

I shall encourage my colleagues and those in the know to engage in
this business of providing content while making money.

Now we must find ways to link these databases together. My idea is
just to use the wiki technology to link to other sites. Wikipedia
doesn't seem to encourage linking to others because it is not supposed
to be a linking centre but Wikipedia is only useful for its links.
Original articles are not its strength since their authors are mostly
amateur authors.

So don't worry about your grammar and spelling. We should not mind
their spellings and command of language but please use spelling
checkers in Firefox. We need to gather their facts and opinions. It
does not matter if their opinions are right or wrong. These opinions
must be recorded for eternity. I'm sure these opinions will change
with time but it is a normal process and should be recorded as

You can upload anything you want. Pictures and even videos of whatever
format. Youtube is just too overloaded at the moment. We should create
our own in order to reduce the burden on Youtube and other video
sharing services.

It will also avoid office firewalls.

Sabah is heaven. Beautiful shark-free beaches and mountains next to
civilisation with no natural and man-made disasters except Malaysia.
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