Monday, 19 November 2007

Malaysia used to be among the best but no more

The defence used by the Government to charges of dirty tricks in
elections is that:

i) the opposition used to win elections.

That was many years ago. Certainly it cannot be argued that Malaysia
has among the highest standard in election fairness which allowed the
oppositiion some chance of winning.

By the last election(2004), when BN seats in Trengganu were won when
the voting attendance achieved the unheard of 98%(? Please verify),
when the highest ever was 80%, it is certainly a very clear evidence
that fraud was taking place.

Even Timor-timor, among the poorest nation on earth has a much better
election procedure than Malaysia in having dyed fingers and
transparent ballot boxes.

ii) Anwar Ibrahim used to lead BN to victory over the opposition using
the same tactics.

What clear evidence is required that fraud and unfairness is being
carried out in Malaysian elections than by statements of those who had
seen it on first hand. In fact, most knowledge we had about election
discrepancies come from former BN members.

Malaysia used to be among the fairest in election under the guidance
of the UN and British government but those were more than 50 years

Time has passed. Other nations have improved their standards while
Malaysia had deteriorated its standards. Now Malaysia is among the
most corrupt and lawless in the whole world.

We are going in the ways of North Korea and Myanmar. Soon our economy
will tumble the way of these oppressive and lawless nations. These
nations are peaceful because all oppositions are suppressed severely.
Don't you see what happens to their economies? Is peace worth the
price of the destruction of freedom and rule-of-law and therefore our
livelihood and economy?

Many Malaysians think so judged by election results. The most obvious
is in Sabah where the BN majority is the most. But look at the economy
of Sabah. It is now among the poorest in the whole world.

Soon, Malaysia will go into the way of the poorest in the whole world
if election fraud and lawlessness are allowed to continue all because
of the fear of racial riots. In fact this is the most effective tactic
used by BN in many elections where views of the May 13, 1969 riots
were used as a secret weapon during the last days of the previous
election campaigns.

DAP and PAS may be bad but BN is certainly bad. Why don't we give the
oppostion a chance while we still have some chance? If you don't like
to vote, someone else will vote for you. I am sure that any oppostion
party that may take over will have lots of problems but so are BN

But may and are, are certainly two different things altogether. We
should fear the proven evil than a perceived evil, but never to
surrender completely our rights to anybody. Most of all, the present
government, which has a proven bad record.

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